Monday, June 15, 2015

Getting ready for NT scan.. (12w) UPDATED (12w5d??)

Today's NT scan is at 3:15 (ET)

I still haven't told work, so I'm pulling a "daycare called, gotta go get Button" around 2:45...

I was mentally preparing this morning to tell my administrator along with a, "BTW I have to leave early today for the big appointment" but my PGAL brain has me chickening out...

PGAL brain also has my stomach slightly churning with nerves because - I had wanted to use the doppler this morning (or even last night) so I could walk into the MFM office with at least a little confidence (as opposed to extreme terror) but I didn't get a chance to...
(also why I chickened out of telling administrator today... I need to either have this appointment or have used the doppler more recently to feel comfortable...)
(Friday was the last time I used the doppler... I calculated FHR at about 155...)

Oh another reason why I'm reluctant to tell administrator (everyone else at work I'm excited to tell) is because on Friday, a coworker brought her 10-day old granddaughter (OMG SQUEEEE I HELD HER, I couldn't stop saying how tiny she was!! and how I did NOT remember babies being this tiny!!)

And upon being asked if she wanted to see her or hold her, administrator literally uttered the words "I don't do babies..."
and she walked out of the office.  (a little background, so you don't think I'm being a horrible person, she might have had losses, etc - she's in her early 60's - divorced x3 and only does pets...)

So pardon me if I expect a less-than-excited reaction, or more specifically a first reaction of, "so how long of a leave are you going to take?!"

Anyways  - NT scan. 

In a little over three hours...

send good vibes!!

Nuchal went AWESOME (of course,  E got there late, in fact after they called me back and had started.. (they couldn't wait, they said, very short-staffed))

And after all that drama of measuring 4 days behind early on,  I'm now measuring 5 days ahead!!! So I'm going to have to ask my OB if they'll be adjusting the EDD, since they'll most likely need to schedule a RCS at what's truly 39 weeks..

Heart rate was 176, Nuchal measured 1.5-1.7... we even got a 3D/4D peek!!

Aaaaaand the tech gave us a gender prediction, which she said she rarely does.. let's see if I can keep it a secret on here until confirmed.. (we already spilled the probable-gender to all our family! Lol)