Wednesday, June 24, 2015

the Evolution of Father's Day Gifts

as a child, making Dad these awesome ties (which mom actually made, and just stamped your hand onto...)
(or Dad got what the nursery-school or daycare made with the kids during the week!

And then mom, with a few more kids, ran out of time to make anything, and went with HomeDepot gift cards that said, "Love all of us!"
"Go buy what you really want!"

As kids start to get older, and have a little cash saved on their own, Dad starts to get random shit that the kids think are hilarious, and will sit unused in the back corner of the garage (or back corner of Dad's closet) for years:

As kids grow to young adults and really have some money saved, Dad finally starts to get the good stuff:

and now - the kids are all grown, and you're getting Dad gifts (golf and anything retirement related) as well as hubby if he's a new daddy!
and with p.interest and e.tsy and all those other FABULOUS sites (that sometimes keep me up til 2am...) the sky is the limit!!!
this engraved, that personalized - and some still give the homemade tie look from yonder year!

This year, we (Button and I) got E a simple silver bar tie clip (what he had asked for a few months back) with a simple additional touch...
We engraved the front with his small monogram, on the back (to keep the front classy and the tie clip out of the back of the closet!) a simple:
He loved it - and the only reason it'll sit in the closet unused is because we have no formal occasions that require tie clips until a wedding next summer... LOL

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  1. THE BEER BELLY!!! OMG I NEED TO FIND THAT HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Also, the HD gift card - for the win.