Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The little things..

NHL news quick - Since I know I have at least one friend/reader who's a 'Hawks fan, I'll have to admit - because Tampa has a former captain (and another teammate) of "ours" (ours being the NY Rangers) and we basically HANDED THEM game 7 in the conference finals, my position for the playoffs right now is..


And that's all I gotta say about that...

In other news, (and in reference to The Little Things that make me happy...) I had an OB appointment on Friday (just a check-up... the NT scan is a week from yesterday at the MFM!) 
Weight taken (not bad), urine sample (always gotta pee!) and the nurse and I chatted about Electronic Medical Records and how their system was JUST implemented, so it might take her a few minutes to type notes in. 

As she was typing said notes in, I noticed my chart - usually a manilla folder with the color-coded last-name-stickers across the bottom - had a smaller bright-blue folder wrapped around the outside, like a little flag waving at all who glanced at the chart.

Written across the front of that blue flag was:
              UNLIMITED SONO'S

Aw guys, I got the warm fuzzies over that!!!
(I'm, of course, assuming this note was put there/requested by the first OB I saw who discussed with me miscarrying in Mexico and my history...)
And I would assume this note was put there so should I ever feel a panicky need to call in and request an ultrasound, I won't get some dumb receptionist who is all, "but WHY do you want an ultrasound? you just had one last week, and you're scheduled for one at 20w!"

It almost made me not mind the nearly-an-hour wait from the time I walked in (3:30 - scheduled appointment time) to when the doctor finally saw me (and then we were done after less than 3 minutes...)

And there's other Little Things - little things that drive me BATTY!
We got together a few weekends ago with E's cousin (and our good friends - they are due with #2 in July).  She and I went to their complex pool while the guys put the boys down for naps (brilliant idea right?!)
And we discussed fBFF (you'll see where she comes into play later) and her desired "schedule" for TTC #2...
Cousin/Friend says, in reference to desired-scheduling vs JustLife is that TTC #2 "definitely took longer than they wished/expected, especially compared to TTC DS1."  (Now, DS#1 took them I think one month, maybe two.. she started using OPKs and charting the very first month...)
And TTC #2?  I think it took them THREE months...
Really?  That is "taking A LOT longer?!"

ARE YOU AWARE of the stat that it could take a perfectly healthy couple up to one year to conceive?!

I wanted to say, "well shit I'm so sorry it didn't happen the very FIRST MONTH again!!! How frustrating!" (/endsarcasm)

And I wanted to say, You do realize, if I had also "gotten my way" re: timing, we BOTH would have three-year-olds right now.

But.  I wouldn't change what happened to me for the world...

Because with out it, I wouldn't have my holy-shit-i-can't-believe-how-old-he-is almost-two-year-old...
(Cousin #1, Button, and Cousin #2 (DS#1 for Cousin/Friend!)

(fBFF is all, "I'm totally going to get pregnant again with #2 by July!" and has been saying that to most anyone who will listen for the past year.  and I know for sure it's not a case where she's been off BC and TTC for awhile.  It's a case where she went off of her Depo shot one month ago, and is now probably panicking that she told everyone she knows that number # is coming NOW and here she is, having a slightly wonky period after being on a BC shot...
While I don't wish TTC troubles on anyone, is it wrong to feel that a few months' delay will teach her a lesson?!)

And more DriveMeBATTY little things (that can tend to blow up to big things because of lack of sleep...)
Button developed a low-grade fever Sunday afternoon (hovered around 100).  He fell asleep at bedtime Sunday night within 10-15 minutes (usual is 30-45 minutes!)
Monday morning he threw up at 5am (in our bed.  On E's pillow... and I'm guessing because E gave him milk on a feverish-empty-stomach, because that's the one and only time he did throw up in the last two days...)
the rest of the day, we alternated Motrin and Tylenol (Motrin TOTALLY works better for his fevers!) and he would look pitiful for a bit until the Motrin kicked in, and he was his usual self...

Well last night, he randomly woke up around 3am (although I'm not sure he was fully awake... he started crying in his sleep...)
E seemed to not hear him at all (of course) so I get up and go and rub his back and try to soothe him (because his eyes weren't even open!)
E gets up a few minutes later, brings juice (pedialyte) to me, and then goes back to bed.

Thanks for your help, babe.

I was able to get Button back asleep in a few minutes, and then laid awake for nearly an hour trying to fall back asleep myself...

So come this morning, I come downstairs to get some breakfast, and when I snapped that I was tired to E (after trying to say three different times how it took me so long to fall back asleep, but we all know how good his listening skills are...) he was all - "oh well I brought Button down so you could continue to rest/sleep in!"

oh, is that what happened this morning?

You mean, when he came into our room at 6am, slept in our bed for about 10 minutes, and then proceeded to jump around and play and - at your prompting - tickle mommy, etc for the next 45 minutes until you brought him downstairs a mere few minutes before I followed you?

THAT'S bringing Button down so I could sleep in?!

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  1. Welcome to the Hawks side, my friend. Let's hope they don't disappoint!!!

    1. Unlimited sonos?? Hell yes.
    2. I would have snapped at that girl. I know someone like that. Those girls who "wait so long" are annoying.
    3. Um yeah. My husband does the same thing. Says he will take the baby but ends up following me and I don't really get anything done, or rest. Men.