Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sighs of Relief... ( 7w1d ! )

This morning was an u/s at the MFM office (due to scheduling issues at my OB's office - they wouldn't have been able to get me in before we leave for Cancun - IN TWO DAYS!)

She did an abdominal wand first (SO much better than transV) but followed up with a transV wand later... (yuck yuck yuck - she graphically wrapped an actual condom on the wand, and then GLOBBED lube on the tip, which proceeded to liberally drip down in clumps... YUCK)

I nearly held my breath, watched the small 12" screen far away on the wall, while E watched the one over my shoulder the tech was looking at... at one point, he grinned and nodded his head and I thought,  oh thank god and assumed he'd seen the heartbeat (he had). and I said, "you're nodding! That's good!!!"

Of course, the tech immediately and solemnly goes, "hold on guys just give me a minute..."


Thankfully, a minute later she zoomed in on Little Bear (more on that in a second) and said, "ok don't move, don't speak - we're going to listen to the heartbeat!"

Don't worry honey! I hadn't taken a breath the whole time yet!

A solid, strong and steady 154bpm and a little gummi bear (Little Bear!) measuring RIGHT ON TRACK at 7w1d...

From 6w1d last Friday!!!

(so yes, an exclamation mark on the dates in the post title!)

I immediately grabbed E's had in happiness as I nearly cried with relief, a big grin from ear to ear...

now for Cancun packing tonight!!!


  1. They told you to wait a minute? AW HAIL NAW. Glad things are looking great though! You better be posting pictures of Cancun - remember, I am living vicariously through you until our next vacation!!! Have fun!!! (exclamation point overload in this comment).

  2. I hate when techs do that! I know they usually don't mean anything by it, but good grief.

  3. Ugh I detest when they tell you to wait.

  4. That's such good news!! Such a relief, now you can go to Cancun without (that much) stress hanging over yourself.