Friday, May 22, 2015

I shouldn't have... (8w4d)

...but I totally did...

I got the doppler out last night, while E was mowing the lawn.  And I totally figured, ok - so if I can't find hb, no big deal - I'll call the OB office and take them up on the "offer" (my earlier demand) of another u/s before 12weeks...

If I find it?

Great! No need to pester them for an u/s!


It took just a few minutes' searching - and it came through, steady and fast... (the doppler never registered the bpm, I'm gonna geustimate 150-160ish... so definitely baby's hb!)

Now I need to try and refrain from daily use... we're going DownTheShore tonight so that should take care of the temptation until we get back Saturday night!

And I finally have a get-together scheduled with my bestie, Dee, on Monday - I've been waiting to tell her in person and am so excited!!

Happy Friday!!