Monday, May 4, 2015

A Milestone (of dreams) and Makin' Things this Monday (6w1d)

So end of last week, I had my first bleeding dream (I sat in the bathroom Friday morning and noted in the blogger app so I wouldn't forget to post about it - good thing I did too! I just now saw the draft and was like, OH YEAAA!!!!)

So in the dream, I guess I was a little ho bag, sleeping with like 4 guys and realized I was around CD15 (FW!)
Cue the dream freak-out...
But then I got my period/started bleeding and I was like,  whew! ... wait...

Wasn't I already pregnant???

and this baby-making business is still exhausting... Friday night I fell asleep while putting Button to bed... I laid him in the crib, and I curled up, cramped on the glider (he would whine when I stepped out of the room... *sigh* it's something he pulls like, once every few weeks...) and he's laying in his crib kicking his monkey toy that's attached to the bars...
I didn't realize 45 minutes had passed (and Button still wasn't sleeping!) until I stirred and checked the clock!

Oh and more crazy dreams: I was, I think, going to some large indoor rodeo (I think it was AT my parents' church?!)

It morphed (like dreams do) into a circus, and all of a sudden I'm like, doing trapeze from the audience, swinging around on some rope.  There were 1-2 "mean girls" I recognized from high school, complete with frosty pink, nearly lilac, lipstick and chokers - awesome 90's gear!

Something like the "ring master" invites me to join the circus...

The same night, in another dream, I'm watching TV from a couch, and my sister and an hasidic Jewish woman (it was a speech therapist from my actual job!) are on a nearby couch, I think flirting!

All that to say - when I fall asleep (usually on the couch around 9:30) I get some crazy wack-a-doo dreams...

A quick Monday of Making Things: this thing being a craft/crayon/marker box for Button... (started as a Converse box with some leftover paper from the crazy Circus Birthday Bash planning last year)

I taped (meticulously) four pieces of patterned paper together, and then (painstakingly!) traced out a design of fold- and cut-lines...

I taped (on the inside, and again on the seams) everything down (lazy woman's hot glue...) and with a few trimmings here and there, my pattern worked!!

I think it came out pretty cute, and I'm excited to put it in his desk!
 (considering this was on my to-do list and sitting on the guest bedroom for a number of months, it maybe be a few more days/weeks until it actually gets moved to his desk in the playroom... lol)

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  1. Ben has converse shoes too? I want to see them. I am a sucker for cute shoes on kids.

    Those dreams sound crazy, but I love that you're remembering them and writing them down. They're always so random and funny to remember.