Friday, May 29, 2015

Funniest Friday...

I couldn't help but chuckle, and then slowly start laughing really hard at a text I got during lunch today:
I work at a facility that has a few long-term residents (they live here) and they are on their lunch outing now...we also frequently do "Casino Nights" with fake slot machines (they work, they just don't dispense anything - when a resident "wins" they get fake paper money...)

The text from the activities assistant accompanying them on their luncheon today:
"Did [Mrs. Smith] withdraw personal funds from her account? She's trying to give me Casino money!!!"

For some reason, this really started to crack me up... lol

ALSO - important Ben&Jerry's update!

The Stop&Shop had my flavor - and it was on sale!
so I bought three containers...

AND THEN (said in chinese voice from "DudeWhere'sMyCar") -

this happened:

that's Button in his big boy bed this morning (still asleep) - after sleeping uninterrupted ALL NIGHT LONG!
E was paranoid as we went to bed last night, wondering if he should plug in a nightlight out in the hallway (I said NO! He could wake up, come out and grab a HOT bulb! and/or then start playing with the nightlight in the outlet!) or if he should leave the bathroom door cracked (one of our outlets has a built-in nightlight - and again, NO! the bathroom sinks have all kinds of stuff - even if it's just hair products) underneath that he could get into! (no... no childproof locks on those cabinets...)) and we finally left Button's door cracked, bathroom door SHUT, our door about 1/3 open (the gate at the top of the stairs firmly locked shut) and all the lights off...

It went fabulously! I peeked in (as you can see above) this morning around 6:15 and he was still laying there! After going back to sleep, I heard the slightest slip of a wisp of a sound, and mother's instinct had me BOLTING upright in bed - to see Button standing in the hallway right outside our bedroom...

(Do you remember your mother having that magical ability - the superpower - to shoot up in bed, no matter how soundly she was sleeping, the second your toe crossed the threshold into their room?!  Yup, I've got that superpower now!)

So we've started (officially) the transition out of the crib!

And hopefully the hormonal upheaval starts to calm down soon as second tri (somewhat) nears - my administrator asked (again!) the other day, "are you ok? You've been 'off' the past few days..."
I was all, yes. yup I'm FINE.  (because, seriously - she asked me last week if I had my period - could that be why I was tired?  How about - it's NUNYA business!)

If that sounds cruel - I only know her very first reaction to the news will be, "how long of a leave are you planning?!" with pure concern only for who will be doing my work when I'm gone, and how soon will I be back...

Anyways - glad the work-week is almost over - we've got a big hockey game tonight to start off the weekend!

Let's F*CK 'em UP!

(and actually - I can't recognize that player... it doesn't look much like the current captain McDonagh... lol)

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  1. A BIG BOY BED?! I love the label - bigboybutton!!! I may have to call him that in my head now. So cute. Also... GO HAWKS.

    Sorry, couldn't resist :)