Friday, May 8, 2015

Thankful for What It Is

That ticker over on the left, the countdown for the first ultrasound, should read 0...

Our appointment was this morning, and it was good... and it was bad (in my mind, at least)

The good part?
We saw a teeny tiny little flickering heart... YAY YAY YAY!!
(or more accurately, "cardiac tube" and "cardiac activity.")

Then I saw her place her little crosshairs on the crown, and one on the rump - and I measured 6w1d... when I should have been 6w5d by my O-date count.

Which isn't horrible... just the other day, I was trying to reassure someone on forums that, at this gestation - things are measured SO MICROSCOPICALLY that a 1/2 mm  could mean the difference of a few days...
(also - I was thinking, based on when I turned the very first test truly positive (10DPO) and how long it took until the lines got really nice and dark - theoretically the betas doubling and increasing - I was thinking I've got a "late implanter" on my hands... which, even though they measure gestation by date of conception, wouldn't a late implanter be a few days behind?!)

The doctor wants me to come back next week to confirm good growth.
YES, I love that I get another ultrasound so soon, it just surprised me that she wanted it - I feel like in the past, the office had the "can't change the outcome" mindset and would have just scheduled the 12w NT...

So maybe it's her reaction that has me slightly off-kilter... (btw - new OB at the practice, and despite what it may sound like, I LOVE HER) 

When she heard we were traveling to Cancun next week, she DEFINITELY wanted to get an ultrasound in before our vacation, to make sure everything was still ok.  And even said that she would provide a letter that said it was medically advised I not travel, if we wanted to get out of the trip...

which, hell no - I AM SO READY FOR A VACATION and SO READY to be out of reach of my job via telephone...
and also - if the plane travel is totally safe (as she told me it was) then there's no reason for me NOT to go to Cancun... except, in her words:

"if you miscarry in Mexico, you're in Mexico... and are not familiar with their medical facilities - if you need a D&C, etc."   **
(** how awful, right?  a PGALer can't help but think ahead about things like possibly miscarrying... and whether facilities would be available in case of medical procedures needed.)

So, yea - she's blunt... but I've realized I like that about her... while all the other staff - receptionist, lab tech for blood, nurse at intake, ultrasound tech - were all, "congrats! So exciting, a baby!" the doctor didn't shy away from the fact that bad things can (and do! I've experienced them!) happen...
And I'm realizing as I write this, I'm being thrown off by the fact that I feel like she's acting as an RE's office would, with plenty of visits and reassurances in the early scary weeks...

My OB/GYN office changed names (and I think affiliations slightly - mostly same doctors and nurses) and if this is their new policy, I LOVE IT.

And even better - when I asked if I could squeeze in another peace-of-mind ultrasound around 9ish weeks, she told me it would be absolutely no problem...

so while I'm bummed about still being stuck in the sweet-pea stage for awhile and having the big 7w blueberry be pushed off a few days, there is a tiny precious heartbeat... cardiac activity... whatever!

(I'll probably keep the same Sunday ticker-change until next week's ultrasound can confirm stuff... because also? 6w1d today would make the due date NEW YEAR'S EVE... of course.)


  1. Yay!!! Congrats on seeing that heartbeating away!!! Laura Kate measured 3 days off for the first couple weeks before finally catching up maybe in week 9 or 10. It made me nervous too so I just did my best to focus on the fact that the heartrate was nice and strong!

    And hey, with a NYE due date, if you have a ridonkulously high insurance deductible like I do...that could be really beneficial to have the baby so late in the year! Not to mention tax deductions! ;)

    Congrats again and have fun on your vacation!

  2. Yay for seeing the heartbeat!

    Your new OB sounds pretty awesome. I like that she takes your PgAL side seriously, but also isn't all rainbows and glitter.

  3. what an awesome due date! I think I was due NYE and was a week late, hahahaha. Hopefully that doesnt happen to you.. maybe you will have the first baby of the new year!