Thursday, May 21, 2015

to "Tide" you over!

get it?

Like an ocean tide?!

Sorry, I'm still loopy on vacation...

and EXHAUSTED.  I'm more tired being back to work than when we were in Cancun.

Which makes total sense: all we did each and every day there was buffet breakfast, hang by the pool, maybe hang by the kids' pool area, get buffet lunch, nap, and when the sun was weak enough - played on the ocean until we showered and went for dinner.

And then we all went to sleep.

Between 9 and 9:30.


and because most of the pictures are on the big camera at home (and because I've had no energy to do anything once home from work but nap on the couch, watch E feed Button dinner, and then pull myself together to put him to bed - which means a dishwasher needs to be emptied, the kitchen is atrocious, and none of our vacation laundry has even made it out of the suitcases...) - here are a few pics to Tide you over!

that's the view from our huuuuuuuge windows in our room... I mean - we were a corner room! two walls of windows!

Do you think he's enjoying himself?! =P

He hasn't stopped talking about the "yeh-yo boat" he went on! And he crashed so hard each day for his nap...

They had these awesome "Pirate ship" cruises (we didn't go on any) but got to watch them leave harbor every night! 
And the peacocks! we couldn't pass this glass partition in a certain hallway without saying, "hello birdies" and "bye bye birdies!"

An incredible time, so relaxing... And I didn't get much of a tan (boo!) because we put on too much sunblock so the last day has us frantically taking turns during Button's nap to squeeze in a few more hours of sun (sans sunblock!) by the pool... 

button was so great on the flights (there - 2 because we layover-ed in Orlando - and back - direct, thankfully! and the flight was totally not full, so he got his own seat!)

And I had to take 8w "bloat" shots - I felt so huge in my swimsuits, and then looked back at these pictures and totally laughed... because I didn't really look that different... lol
(ok this picture does look pretty bloated, probably because of my hand on my upper stomach. lol)

Anyways - more pics to come!!

and an update on the 2015 Reading Challenge!!


  1. Looks like it was a fun trip!

  2. I don't know how I missed this blog from last week! You look great and that resort looks amazing!

  3. It is possible to travel to FUN places with a child!!!! You show em, mama! Too many times I've been told I can't do crap because I have a baby. You have totally proven that wrong!! I cannot wait to see more pictures.