Tuesday, May 26, 2015

mish-mash Monday... (9w1d)

Even though it's Tuesday... (HA! go pregnancy brain...)

what a way to return to work from a vacation, right?

Week1 - three days (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

A nice three-day weekend, followed by another short work-week (Tues-Fri)

E caught "Montezuma's Revenge" (or so he says, from Mexico... I blame the fish and pork he ate at the buffets - I was having none of that! And didn't get sick!)  and so our plans of a weekend DownTheShore were kaboshed...

Instead, Saturday morning (after a failed doppler attempt #1... was mentally ok, figured it was an empty bladder, that I'd try again later...) I went shopping! With gift cards, no less!
Gift cards that I found in the house 6 months ago - from clothes E had gotten as gifts (over a year ago!) and had returned for store credit... he didn't even know/forgot the gift cards even existed!

So off to Hollister and American Eagle I went (And Bath&BodyWorks - gift card for Mother's Day from SIL)... I treated Button (and myself) to fro-yo on our way out of the mall, since he was such a good shopping partner!

Sunday morning, E felt he could brave the drive DTS, and off we went - where he then chilled in the backyard (close to a toilet) while the gals (MIL, her sister, SIL, and younger adopted SILs) and I went to the bay with Button... we all joined up for a trip later to the boardwalk for some rides and dinner (season's first crab legs! YUMMMMMMM!)

A late night drive (it would have been utter chaos squeezing into a 3-bedroom house already sleeping 7 adults and a dog...) got us home around 11:30.

Monday I had plans to get together with my bestie, Dee - I still hadn't told her in person about the pregnancy and was so excited to tell her! After the first 30-40 minutes at the park with our boys (hers is almost 11 months) I finally said, "there's been no cute good segue presented, so I'll just tell you - Button's going to be a big brother!"
She was so thrilled! And told me she had a dream a week ago that I was like, 8 months pregnant and telling her it was a girl!!!


And then when Button and I got home, E was out food shopping, so I figured I'd try the doppler again (I guess I feel less pressure when E's not there...) and 10 minutes in with no luck (I refused to give up...) I started to panic, and wondered if the OB office would be open on Memorial Day for an ultrasound... when, THERE IT WAS!

I found the sweet little heartbeat, and got a great long video (I showed E later... I think he wants to listen to it in person, I'll see if we can try together again next time... lol)

We then blew up Button's pool, and sat in the sun, grilling burgers for just the three of us, and had a fabulous Memorial Day...

And now, because E and others have asked, and I, myself, am curious - a to-date comparison of Button's hb and Little Bear's hb (for shits and giggles...)
So, obviously, no clear Boy/Girl indicator yet!


  1. Yeah for finding the HB so early! I can't believe it still to be honest! That's super awesome and what a reassurance!!

  2. Ahh! I just got chills - I hadn't seen yet that you are PG!! Congratulations!!! T&P for a very healthy, very boring pregnancy :-) <3