Friday, June 12, 2015

11Weeks! (actually, now 11w4d!)

(Posting this a (few!) days late...)

How Far Along: 11 weeks

Baby is the size of: a lime!

Best Moments This Week: Probably every time I can use the doppler... earlier this morning, E had Button put his hand on my blump and say, "Hi baby!" It was seriously really cute...

Total Weight Gain: I'm starting to fluctuate a bit day-to-day with some water weight (nothing serious, like a lb) so I'm thinking about 1-1.5lbs...

Maternity Clothes: Not yet!! I'm still even in my regular jeans and work pants! Let's see how long this lasted... I think I pulled a maternity skirt out (paneled pencil skirt) by the time I was 12w with Button...
(11w4d update - I had on a pair of jeans this morning for work and within a few minutes, they turned into a no-go... I'm officially at the stage where I hate all my clothing and how it fits... It would probably help and widen my wardrobe choices to tell work - that way I don't have to worry about looking not-pregnant!)

Symptoms: Fatigue can still drag me down here and there (last night I conked out unintentionally on the couch by 9:15...) Otherwise, the gonna-vom feeling on an empty stomach has pretty much stopped (either that or I'm just regularly snacking more now and not getting the empty stomach to begin with lol)
lots of peeing!

Sleep: eh... it's been better. Up 1-2 times per night to pee, and if I wake up too much for anything (like Button's crying fit last night?) then it takes FOREVER to fall back asleep...

Food Cravings: It almost depends on the time of day - nothing too sweet actually... a bag of Funyuns - (how the f*CK do you spell that?!) is AMAZING.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really...

Movement:None yet! (I can feel gas moving around. lol)

Stretch Marks: Just ones I had on my hips from highschool... lol

Gender Prediction: I'm actually starting to think girl - I'm (still) really hormonal/moody/bitchy alot, and have small breakouts here and there (when I'm normally really pretty clear...)
11w4d update: definitely thinking girl - more breakouts... BLUGH

Labour Signs: Too early.

Belly Button In or Out?: In (never turned out last time either)

Wedding Rings on or off?: On (Unless I'm mad at E.  then off.  LOL jk)

Happy or Moody?: oiy see above mentioned mood swings... I can be shappy (sappy and happy - like when I re-watch American Pharoah win the Triple Crown on youtube and start SOBBING... ?!?!) and then a minute later, can breathe fire at E for getting mad at me that I didn't realize he was trying to hand Button's tooth brush to me - by waving two feet from my face...
11w4d update: SO FREAKING MOODY.  E did his usual "play dumb" act this morning, asking me a really stupid common sense question (a HUGE pet peeve of mine the last 7-8 years - I've been answering sarcastically the past few years) and it started a fight - him shouting, "Can't you just say yes or no to a question?! And not, well what do you think the answer is...   
And then at some point I said, "well I'm sick of thinking for the two of us!" and he - like, a full 10-15 minutes later, starts yelling aggressively, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?!"
I refuse to get into it in as we're trying to all leave for work/daycare (and I'm not about to get into a shouting match in front of Button, who got upset and cried anyway when E stomped out of the house the way he did...)
 Of course, I was only upset by Button being upset - and so had to wear sunglasses into daycare for dropoff so they wouldn't ask why I was teary. 

In other words, E is getting sympathy symptoms - FREAKING MOODY!
(oh and today? wedding rings are OFF... yup, I'm immature and spiteful... *sigh)

Purchases for baby: ooo none yet, I was at BRU this weekend shopping for a pregnant cousin (who is having - how TACKY - a HUGE "sprinkle" for her second baby.  She's registered for more shit than a first-time-mother...) and considered getting something, but had other errands to do before spending time in the itty-bitty-baby-clothes-section...

Purchases for Momma: I splurged when I got the Semi-Annual Clearance catalogue for VS (although, with the sales - it wasn't really splurging...)
This so-cool Getaway Wrap Maxi, but in black ($40)
 and these two bras (first totally unlined, second one totally pushed up!)

Miss Anything?:The energy to get stuff done around the house (or even get my DVR'd shows watched! I'm like, 5 weeks behind on Married at First Sight!
Also - a cold hard cider sounded good on Sunday when my parents were here for the day and enjoying the backyard and sun with us...

Looking forward to:getting a double stroller (free!) from a friend! hopefully it's a front-to-back which handles both a toddler and a snap in car seat (although I'm literally just now realizing, we'd need to get the carseat that goes with that stroller... so we'll see)
11w4d update:
OMG looking forward to holding an itty bitty newborn!!!! 
A coworker JUST came in with her 10 day old granddaughter and I held her for awhile, I nearly melted... I could not stop smiling (and said on repeat, "I can't believe I totally forgot how LITTLE they are!!! I just can't believe how little she is!") 

And the AM (left in pink) to PM (right in red) comparison (go PM bloat... whew)

(P.S. the nuchal scan is Monday at 3:15 - healthy baby vibes much appreciated!!)


  1. Love the updates! Especially the 11 week vs 11w4d notes :)

    PS, bloat sucks but you still look awesome!!

  2. Good luck today at the nuchal scan! Actually, by the time you read this your scan will probably be over. I hope everything went well! And so cute that big brother is saying hi to baby!!