Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Cleaning Continued!

My Blogger spring-cleaning continues this Monday - remember that old series about making shit that I once started and continued quite sporadically?
(P.S. I will never not think of Cher in association with "Sporadically"... Never.)

I've discovered (like, last fall discovered) this fabulous place called Pinot's Pallette.

Get this - they provide the aprons, the paint brushes, paint and canvas (and the cleanup!) and then let you DRINK while learning to paint trying your best to replicate the instructor's artwork!

I've gone once on a Girls' Night (for which we brought a small buffet of food and half a case of wine...)

What's really awesome is they walk you through, step-by-step (as seen in pictures) so you too can paint like the pros!

I loved my first visit so much, that I dragged E back for a date night (after which, he totally admitted he really liked it!)

It was a perfect seasonal canvas - of which we now had two of... (der, didn't really think that through...) so we gave one to my SIL!

After hibernating all winter, I'd learned that Pinot's has begun Brunch Sundays - they provide not only all the materials and instructions, now they provide the bagels and Orange Juice! (must bring own champagne!)  And so Dee and I have a brunch date for Sunday March 29th had a date YESTERDAY to paint this lovely beaut:
(which, if you haven't noticed, is going to match my living room perfectly!)

I didn't LOVE this painting as much as I thought I would...
And even though it matches the living room, it's a shame I don't really love it (I mean - the three "two-petal" flowers on the left look like they have teeth...)

I DID sneak a photo of a painting in the bathroom that I want to try and duplicate on my own... having been to three classes now, I can understand a lot more about the "layers" that may make up a background, and the mixture of a few basic primary colors to get all different shades...
(also because - there's supposedly only "Four ((3 now!)) tickets left!" for this class, and I'm not sure who I can get to commit to come with me... working hubby now for a brunch date!)

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  1. See if I had a sitter I'd be all over a few hours of fun like that.