Wednesday, March 18, 2015


(Isn't ratatouille like, the poor man's dish because it's whatever you can find, or whatever is left, in your kitchen?)

Here's my Whatever's In My Mind right now:

1. The silver lining to a short LP - I didn't see a negative HPT this cycle! (no time for one...)

2. to allow (more than) sufficient time for tattoo healing,  I've been going braless for over a week now.  (Not that I ever really needed one, I guess... except when nursing and these babies became Bs! lame.  I know.)
But I just might be on to something.... (that something being Bra-Free Fridays EVERYDAY!)

3. Curse E.L.F. and their great prices - I got an email saying an additional 40% off today, so of course off to their website I went to load up on cheap cosmetics... (I've been using their eyeshadow primer as an under-eye brightener under my foundation - AMAZING DISCOVERY!)

Another discovery?

Something fishy with some (all?) of their Mineral products...

I love me some mineral foundations - mostly from that one time years ago I tried my sister's BareMinerals powder foundation and loved it, so I'm totally not an expert or anything...

So I read through the description of their Mineral Blemish Kit because I am totally in need of a good yellow/green tone blemish corrector, or whatever you call that. (lol told you I'm not an expert)

And curious me, I click on the "California Residents" link (because I've visited the land of eternal sunshine enough, have a LOT of family living out there, and figured - hey, how come they get a special link with a hidden secret message?!

Here's why:

In case you missed that dark red paragraph:

But we're totally safe in New Jersey, right?!


And while I kind of want to be like, well what did you expect getting cosmetics for a few bucks?!
I also wonder, how the hell can they sell this stuff?!

I'll say it again - 

P.S. I totally called them out on thatsitethatrhymeswithSpaceBook. 
Tagged 'em (and bagged 'em)

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  1. Yeah can't see as I blame you for tagging them on that one.