Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Turrible Tuesdays...

...said in the voice of Charles Barkley...

FF-boycott ended abruptly yesterday (which was 9(ish)DPO - "ish" because I'm only going by OPKs and nothing more exact like temping) after a brief bout of pink spotting at work (that then went away!)

I debated for about 2 minutes, and then flew into FF - (because I always had somewhat of an idea about how many DPO I was and unless I horribly lost count, which was the whole goal of the boycott, I was "Turribly" early for AF...)

I then SQUEE!!!'d at work for the rest of the afternoon, googling "IMPLANTATION BLEEDING!"  and letting my stomach flutter when I read that 9DPO was totally the average time women experienced it! (and 30% of pregnant women experience it! I mean, shit I already fell into some pretty low odds before, why not this fabulous 30%)

And then last night, brown (and a little bit of red) started... pantyliner overnight caught nothing, and this morning it started up again.

so I'm going to go ahead and call it CD1 (tampon in now, will be changing within the hour and we'll see how accurate the CD1 label is for today... *At this point, we all would giggle and say, "Sorry for blatantly telling you the status of my uterus and what's coming out of my vagina..." while we all really know - there is no such thing as TMI on TTC blogs. so no apology here!)

And so started the concerns over my LutealPhase... (today would be 10DPO... very borderline LOW for a LP...) 

(**Reproductive Lesson for those not already in the know! The Luteal Phase is the phase in your cycle between Ovulation and your period arriving. 
 During this phase, progesterone levels (should!) peak and then maintain and support the lining of the uterus for (hopefully!) an implanting embryo.  If your LP is "too short" and progesterone levels drop too soon, your uterine lining will begin to shed, basically not giving a fertilized egg (or embryo) enough time to implant...
Boo, right?? I picture a very sad little embryo trying to find a nice spot, much like Marlin trying to get out of the whale in Finding Nemo... (repeatedly swam as hard as he could against the whale's - what's it called? baleen?)

I've already looked into Fertility Blend, and Vitex, and Vitamin B cocktails (which slightly scared me: apparently Vitamin B to an excess has been found to cause nerve toxicity!)

But from that same website, I've compiled a new shopping list for this cycle:
  • Leafy greens! (Like Kale smoothies!) (Leafy green vegetables are high in the B-complex vitamins- no nerve toxicity here!)
  • Vitamin C!  specifically (and more reasonably available at the local grocer): broccoli, papaya, strawberries, oranges  (Vitamin C is apparently the only vitamin that has been shown to increase progesterone levels in women)
  • Essential Fatty Acids! Let's go nuts - time to start snacking on Walnuts! (Walnuts are high specifically in the Omega-3 fatty acids...)
And as always, the good old POM Juice and its kickin' anti-oxidants (rumored to boost fertility by increasing blood flow to the uterus & promoting uterine lining).

So, there it is.

And if it is really and truly CD1 (can you blame a girl for secretly hoping that it's just more IMPLANTATION BLEEDING?! lol) then we've also got a great next few weeks lined up:
  • more CKO kickboxing! (Saturday mornings for an hour, LOVE THIS CLASS!)
  • more hot yoga! CHEAP! (My studio is offering a "Lucky Leprechaun sale!" classes are typically around $18-$22/class, but if you go in-studio tonight to purchase, you can get classes for $10-$11 per class!!! I'll be getting a 5-class package and will be able to pick back up my favorite Wednesday night Lava class tomorrow night - yay!)
  • Also - MORE FW BDing! (which means that I'm adding some mood-wine to the shopping list!  (note - no I do not have to be slightly inebriated to want to get it on with my hubby... but it definitely helps the mood at 10pm when I mostly just want to curl up and go to sleep... lol)


  1. I think I'm going to crush up some walnuts and add them to my salad... thanks for the reminder to eat healthy!! It's good for more than just TTC... but that's definitely my motivation now!

  2. How about Brazil nuts? I've heard they are also good too.

    1. I was at the store (with horrible cell service) last night picking up the above list and couldn't remember what kind of nuts you'd mentioned! I'll have to look for those (Brazil Nuts) next time I'm there!