Friday, March 20, 2015


as always, TGIF!

Some catch-up Food-i-ness (because I have this to-blog list that is going back to THANKSGIVING and the fabulous apple pie I made then, but really. seriously.  IT'S SPRING, and I'm spring-cleaning the blog drafts!)

SO - Thanksgiving Apple Pie, bask in its un-cooked amazing-ness:
 (Its amazing-ness is complete with store-bought crust... homemade + lattice-work DO NOT MIX for me...)

And sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we I made these scrumptious suckers for breakfast:
1. Crescent Rolls ready for the Egg ring
2. raspberry jelly on MonteCristo RollUps + Scrambled Eggs on Egg Ring
3. Ham+BrieCheeseSpread on MonteCristos and bacon wrapped into the Egg Ring
The Finished Products! 

And while we're on breakfasts, E decided one morning to enter the Breakfast Battle and make crepes!
(Note - we had to toss the Nutella, it was waaaaaaay old. and ended up using homemade coffee ice cream. YUM.)

I couldn't let E have the last word in the Breakfast Battle - I hit it out of the park with some breakfast muffins
(Great for grabbing-To-Go with a toddler!)
Made with pancake mix, I made three ham&cheese muffins, three blueberry muffins, three strawberry&white chocolate chip muffins, and three chocolate chip muffins.

E conceded the Breakfast Battle!!


  1. Yum. Oh and hey your comments from my blog keep disappearing. Every time I hit publish they vanish. So yes you are quite right my blog is eating them!!!

  2. Wait, wait, wait... that lattice looks homemade! You're saying you got that from a store?

    Awesome ideas for toddler food, I need to make muffins or something. Nolan is so darn picky.

    1. so - I bought a sheet of dough from the store (Pillsbury makes it!!) and then cut it into the strips and laid the lattice myself.
      so, yes and no. =P