Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spotting Spring!

What better way to celebrate Spring (FINALLY!) than to recall some recent fun snow days...

And to remember the difficulties that Dressing a Toddler For Snow entails:

Or the creativity required for days when we couldn't even go outside:
that would be, clockwise starting from Left:
hanging with a friend during our Superbowl Party(IGNORE the Giants gear...)
Pants-Free Dance Party with a cousin
Look closely into the box.... (we were SUPER bored that day...)

We are SO glad spring is coming here (tomorrow!) (and with it the opportunity to run around a bit sans diaper!) 
Because, as Button's been peeing on the potty for a bit now, we're considering formally starting the potty training sometime this summer...

Happy Official Spring!! 

What are you most excited about for Spring/Summer?!


  1. Well I was going to put some Rosemary in the ground this year and get the tomato plants going but it looks like we might move. So it might be a few years before I do another garden....but I'm okay with that if it is for a good reason.

  2. OOO so glad someone is finding spring! We keep getting glimpses of it, and then winter shows up again. Also - love the potty pictures. Every kid needs those!

    1. yea, i probably should have clarified - it's TECHNICALLY the first day of Spring, but I'm totally taking advantage of the fact that winter weather is smacking us with 1-3 more inches of snow tomorrow, and I'm going snowboarding this weekend.

  3. My work gets slower in the summer so I'm looking forward to having a quiet workday... :)