Wednesday, April 1, 2015


...By my own sister.

(Well, by my BIL to be exact...)

my first foray onto RhymesWith"SpaceLook" today, (April Fool's Day in case anyone forgot!) and on the verrrry top of my feed is the first thing I see:
The Joke, the one that only the original authors think is hilarious:

I hate the internet today...

(on a side note - Button had diarrhea  from last Tuesday to Saturday, and so of course the natural chain of events is that I would get smacked with it just when I think I can sound the All Clear... i.e. I had to leave work early yesterday...)
But I am thankfully back to normal this morning (OH SO THANKFULLY!) because it's FW and we need to get back on our EOD schedule!!!
OPKs still fading in as of this morning, stopping at the store later tonight for more POM juice, prenatal vitamins and pineapple core!


  1. I'm really dense, I think that pregnancy announcements or announcements of any kind of April Fools are real... I need to wise up.

  2. Pregnancy announcements on National Idiots Days are in bad taste in my opinion.