Monday, April 27, 2015

The Brain has DEFINITELY left the building... (5w1d)

you know how I know The Brain has officially exited?

I started this post on Friday, and promptly forgot about it... and so, we'll mash-up the one I intended for Friday and the one I was going to do today - they both were going to be short and sweet anyways!

First thing's first - when I say the brain's left, I even mean the brain that controls my neat and precise movements...

in other words, I've become a bit of a klutz this pregnancy... I've tripped down the stairs twice (just skidded on my heels mostly), tripped UP the stairs once (which was a first! I usually slide DOWN!), fell on my ass on hardwood floor while at a friend's house (I blame the sock feet), knocked over TWO cups of hot liquid this past Sunday (coffee at home, and tea at IL's)... all in the past 12 days since I got my BFP...
I was always mindful of going down the stairs the past two years, because I'm frequently holding Ben, but now I'm super careful, clutching the banister the entire way down... (Good thing we got those suckers stairs carpeted last year!!!)

And you remember (I think) I've mentioned before that Zoey comes to work with me once a week? I'd been doing so good for the last few months, then I forgot to bring her last Thursday.... oops..

that same day at work I accidentally tossed my calculator in the garbage... I usually keep it on my CPU tower under my desk, to the LEFT of the desk leg.  Well instead, I just plopped it into the garbage, which is to the RIGHT of the desk leg... I've never done that in the 6.5 years I've worked here so far...

Blurbs originally intended for today:
I went to a clothing swap at a GF's yesterday - largely a success (I brought home about a third LESS than what I brought to the party!) and got a bunch of "new" tops and dresses!
At this clothing swap was my bestie Dee and fBFF... and of course, there was spiked pink lemonade, blueberry wine, and regular wine - and me not drinking is a large flashing neon sign, because I could usually handle a glass even while hung over...

so I accepted a glass of wine, "sipped it" (touched it to my lips) and during a convenient moment (everyone was busy digging through clothes!) I darted to the bathroom and dumped half the glass down the sink! (SORRY VINO GODS!!)

And while we (the three of us - me, Dee and fBFF) were trying things on in a room together, fBFF was asking Dee (who works with kids) about car seats:
    "So I plan on being pregnant by June/July this year, do you think I can use [DS]'s carseat again??"

oh, is that right? You "plan on being pregnant" and so readily assume that it will be, huh?

Don't we all wish...

(of course, in my head I was cuddling little Johnny/Janey Appleseed (5 weeks yesterday!))

And in PGAL news - I've stopped peeing on things! (as of yesterday morning...) The test line couldn't possibly get any darker (unless the control one got lighter!) and so I'm happy (enough - can't do anything else!) to now tick off the days (11 left!) until the first appointment and u/s a week from Friday...

(also - sidenote: I was just looking at "12 Breathtaking Images of Babies Right in the Middle of Being Born(warning, totally NSFW)
because Button was a C/S, I could have a RCS or try for a VBAC... and to be honest, I'm totally leaning toward RCS... ESPECIALLY after looking at those pictures...

because, to be brutally honest - those pictures?? (to me) BIRTH IS NOT A BEAUTIFUL THING, PHYSICALLY...

I think, at the end of my life, I would be totally fine accept that I never pushed a mini-melon out of my vagina...)


  1. Pregnancy brain, gotta love it. I once left my phone in the fridge.

    I clicked on that link. Bad idea. "breathtaking" my balls. My husband watched our sons being born vaginally and he watched Jordan ALMOST come out the vaginal canal and said it was so gross he couldnt watch even when the nurse insisted that he did. At least someone else agrees lol.

    1. I wish there were "like" buttons on Blogger!!!
      So relieved to hear someone agrees!! (Totally nailed it with the "breathtaking" my balls, I LOL'd...)

  2. Pregnancy brain strikes! So far, I don't have too many bad moments, but I know I left the stove on a lot when I was pregnant with our take-home boy.

    As for RCS vs VBAC, I know my sister-in-law really wanted to try for a VBAC with her second, but couldn't because of several factors. She did say it was kind of nice knowing you go in, get prepped, and then half an hour later, have a baby.

    1. yea - I kind of like the scheduling too, given our toddler and two dogs that need care arranged!

  3. Yeah the nurse offered me a mirror I said No. As for pregnancy brain...I don't remember what happened after month 7 and slept most of the cross country trip to the new duty station ( great Army wife huh!).