Thursday, April 23, 2015

Good doesn't always win... (4w4d)

But when it (good) does win?

Rainbows and butterflies...

no, not really - but it IS nice when the good outweighs the bad...

Yesterday I took the day off of work to drive up to CT, a halfway point for myself (NJ) and my sister (MA)...

My parents are visiting her and her family this week from Texas, and no way would I let them be this close without going to see them! (And having them see Button! It's been since Christmas!)

So we all settled into a chain restauraunt (after a mad dash for us ALL to the bathroom after a 2ish hour carride - during which Button slept for the last hour - score!)

And as I knew would happen, the second we get all settled, the waiter comes around and asks for drink orders, and I watch my mom and sister out of the corner of my eye as I fumble with ordering a Mango iced-tea (I.E. NO ALCOHOL!)  ((I might as well have held up a neon scrolling sign for them...))

Except it WASN'T so obvious to the waiter, who kept trying to convince me of the fabulous-ness of their Sauza tequila margaritas and how $3.39 was SUCH A GREAT DEAL!
(random pic, again so pics in blog readers aren't pee sticks (below)...)

They all got excited (my dad a minute later when he also caught on) and I caveat-ed with a "it's still REAAALY EARLY, I haven't even seen the doctor yet..."

And then, I had to ask my mom about this bet she'd mentioned a few months ago...

Something like she and my dad had bets on who would be KTFU again first - me or SIL (the crazy one who scrapes her daughter's poop out of her diaper before throwing it away? yea that one...)

And I only brought it up to my mom because I had this weird feeling about them (BIL+SIL) and I asked - not in the "DID I WIN THE BET?!" way...

And my mom kinda sat there and looked at my dad and half smirked / half looked like she didn't know what to say...


Aw, yay! how cute!!! We'll be pregnant together in July this summer during the family reunion!!

UNLESS.... something happens....
 (out squeaked my PGAL brain)  (Bad News!)

(OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD PLEASE don't let anything happen to this pregnancy, because if it does - I don't think I can live through SIL's this summer...)  ((remember, if it's said as an aside, in parentheses, the universe doesn't hear you!))

I just really hope and pray that both of our pregnancies continue in a healthy manor... OHPLEASE OHPLEASE...

And our first appointment is set (did it during the carride yesterday! go blue tooth!) for Friday May 8th... u/s at 9am and dr appt to follow...
15 MORE DAYS!     (Good News!)

And I can check off the first two (and only items) off this little checklist I decided was important last pregnancy:

  • Keep POAS - CHECK (I even used the 2nd CB weekly digi - which has progressed to 2-3w past ovulation / 4-5w pregnant WHEW)
    (LOOK at that 18dpo wondfo! of course, it was still "wet" as the others have dried for days now...)        (Good News!)
  • Call Dr (that old list said "ask when is the soonest they can do an u/s (even if you can't see baby/sac/fetalpole yet) to make sure it's not ectopic."     Well,I feel ok with the first appointment being 2 weeks from tomorrow... ACK! TWO WEEKS!

(I feel like my life has been lived in 2WWs the past 2 years... 2WWs during TTC, a 2ww for first u/s, another 2ww for the second u/s, a 2ww at the end of the pregnany for a scheduled (but not really - SURPRISE!) c-section...)