Monday, April 20, 2015

the PGAL-ness... 15DPO

A few weeks ago, I thought gleefully, "oh gosh! at the rate time passes now, the first few scary weeks/months of a pregnancy should fly compared to last time without a toddler for distraction!"


I guess it somewhat has so far - considering I tested so freaking early (both good - I got to know sooner! and bad - that much longer to wait for 4w, 5w, first u/s...)
I tested at 3w2d (if you count that "IS THAT A SHADOW?!" on 9DPO) and here we are 4w1d..

I am actually not too freaking out right now PGAL-wise... I'm (of COURSE) still peeing on things... and panicked this morning a bit as I peered through the shower doors (5 minutes was up!) at the Wondfo and thought, OHMIGOD it's not that different at all than yesterday!! DAAAAAAAMMIT!

And then I started to rationalize:
- the FRER at 13DPO looked OH SO MUCH DARKER than the one just the day before... like, HELL YEA check out that second line!

- I played Guestimate the Beta, Mate!(of course with the help of this handy site which tells me that
 "Beta hCG levels usually double about every 2 days for the first four weeks of pregnancy."

So considering how early I DID* test, I figure it was, oh - 5-7miu (or is that mui?!) on Wednesday ((if you count that shadow on 9DPO "turning into" a BFP on 10DPO, that would make sense, right?))
and then on Friday it should theoretically have been around 10-14mIU... and by Sunday should have been, oh, approximately 20-28mIU.
As I finished the math (and soaping up my hair in the shower) I thought, no wonder the Wondfo is still light!!!

And then I got out of the shower and looked at it closer, and fist pumped... OH BABY it's darker than yesterday's! 

And another thing about being PGAL, so succinctly put on a Pregnant Chicken post I recently read:

"Seeing other women pregnant will still cause you to rage with jealousy. There I said it."

Yup - we were at a 3rd birthday party on Saturday (which was so annoying - upwards of 50 people there, the mom wouldn't serve cookies/cake and sing HappyBirthday until her 3-yr-old had opened all of his gifts... in front of everyone.  I'm sorry, is this a fucking baby shower or something?! THIRD BIRTHDAY!!) and at this party there was a 3-day old baby and two pregnant women 6+ months...

I wouldn't say I raged with jealousy... but I would be lying if I didn't feel the faint twinges as I rubbed their bellies...

And because it's near impossible to find a private area where I work to call my OB/GYN (I mean, consider the conversation: "Hi I'm calling because I got a POSITIVE PREGNANCY TEST a few days ago, when can I schedule the first ULTRASOUND?")  I'll hopefully be able to leave work right before 5pm and try to call and schedule an appointment... and maybe betas... because I can't make up my mind on that...

And because I want to show you how crazy I was at 9/10DPO - pee stick pictures to follow after this random one - because I don't want anyone's feeds to pop up with a pee-stick picture and the first picture of a post is always the one that pops up... how about some puppies??

And now for pee sticks, the wondfos' progression through today...

(I promise lines are much darker in person...
I realized this pic makes it look like I didn't get a true BFP until like, yesterday... lol)

(I've just started my own PGAL panic... I'll be examining these again as soon as I get home from work... SIGH)

The only thing that's somewhat sanity-saving, are these beauts:

now THAT is line progression... (you'll notice I refrained from using my last FRER on 14 & 15DPO... I might just use that last one tomorrow...)

AAAAND I have a CBdigi that does that nifty little week indicator, and should in theory (in the next few days) change from it's previous reading of "1-2 weeks" (past ovulation, so 3-4weeks pregnant) to a nice "3-4 weeks" (4-5 weeks pregnant)....

the craziness continues...


  1. You have me on the edge of my seat with the craziness. I know how you feel. However, I didn't even bother to pee on even one single test the last embryo transfer. My husband made me hold firm to that too. I waited it out and just went nuts.

  2. You make me laugh, though not in a bad way. I've test too early (like 7dpo, because in theory, implantation can happen as early at 5-6dpo), but then once I get a positive, I stop peeing on things.