Thursday, April 16, 2015

More craziness... 11DPO

this was my morning so far:

woke up 1+ hour earlier than normal... decided to temp, then decided mid-temp-taking NOT TO BE CRAZY and took BBT out.

Decided 1 minute later to temp...


still nice and high... (which means what exactly, K!?)

Quietly get up, PIAC and dip some Wondfo.

During the 5 minute wait, go and get Button up - while his overnight diaper is LOADED, his PJs are dry - WIN!

Change him, check the time - 2 minutes left...

We read a book (he flips the pages and points to the apples and monkeys...)

it's time...

There's still a second line, it's faint - let me grab yesterday morning's test!

It's slightly darker - in the sense that 10DPO was still a bit of a squinter, and 11DPO is easily visible to the non-squinting naked eye...

Hide test in bathroom jewelry case... because I STILL haven't told E...

Think to myself, I know I said last night that I would tell him this morning after getting a nice reassuring 2nd line - but it's still lighter than I like (but definitely slightly darker than yesterday) so maybe I'll run out at lunch and pick up some digi's and more FRERs (OH! I still have that one in the bottom drawer! maybe I'll use it this afternoon!)

Once at work, I pore over that beta site - hm the "median" ((is that average?!)) betas at 10DPO are 43, but wait - the "median" at 11DPO is only 34... STUPID WEBSITE! and what does that mean in reference to what my beta might possibly be? I wonder if I should call the dr at lunch and be that crazy lady asking for betas...

Then I remote connect to my home computer and stare at pictures of previous BFPs at 11DPO (first being from MMC and second being from Button's pregnancy...)
AH yea, ok - see, that one is just as light as today's!!! but - I tried to take a pic of today's on my phone and the second line didn't register... but I KNOW it's so dark enough to see at first glance in person... WHAT IF IT ISN'T AS DARK AS PREVIOUS TESTS ON 11DPO?!

Welcome to crazy-town... it just got crazier


  1. Eeeeekkkkkk!!!! Oh this is so exciting!!! Congrats!!!!

    And remember the darkness (or faintness) of a line at this stage in particular really doesn't matter! I know, I know...I was obsessed with my tests too and took daily tests for like two weeks just to make sure it kept getting darker. My betas at 10dpo were only 10. That line was FAINT!!!

    Congrats!!! Congrats!!! Congrats!!! :)

    1. as much as I know - I, too will be testing for the next like, two weeks... =P


  2. This is great news that they are getting darker!