Saturday, April 4, 2015

Talk about Awesome...

So we use G-oogle drive for automatic backup of our phones and pictures (i.e. every picture we ever take of Button is on our cell phones, so we set them up to auto-backup on G.oogle!)

They have this thing they call Auto-Awesome, where it processes your pictures and video clips and makes really cool things out of them!

It will recognize a number of similar photos and 1 - creates collages (of course it's something I do frequently on a site called pic*monkey, but this program does it automatically!!)
 (oh my gosh please don't judge me for the horrible haircut and uneven bangs he used to have... such an awful look. but we all need those at one point in our lives, don't we? to be able to look back and laugh? LOL)

It will also, based on recognizing similar photos, 2 - create GIFs:
I actually just found this one in my AutoAwesome folder:
I mean - it's kinda weird for it to be "snowing" while it's so sunny and bright out, but *shrugs* oh well...

And their videos? How do they do it?!
My kid licked the dishwasher.

the whole point of me crushing on Auto Awesome is this:
Button and his beautiful new (but cold!) girlfriend at the local library...
And the visit there was actually prompted by his passport application because...


Apparently, the last few trips we've taken (Poconos last April with family, Texas at Christmas, etc) don't really count as "true vacations" according to E...

and he's been jonesing for a "True Vacation" and so, it's now official (booked on Tuesday night!) that in (checks phone countdown widget) 41 days, we fly to Cancun for 5 nights at an all-inclusive resort!

Any tips for packing for a toddler?!

(Also - is it weird that I'm planning on bringing an inflatable pool toy/chair for Button so he can enjoy the "big" pool with us?  E said it's "like bringing snow to a ski slope" or something like that...)


  1. Do you hear that? its my jealousy screaming. I cant wait for pictures. Please drink something awesome and pretty and frozen for me!