Monday, April 13, 2015

might as well....

go all the way crazy, right?
(I'm talking crazy, like - I'm even chart-stalking myself for the cycle when I got pregnant with Button... apparently had a "gonna-vom-or-eat-my-left-arm" when I woke up in the mornings)

symptoms at 8DPO:

here we go...
1 - woke up with a feeling of low-blood-sugar /slash/ haven't-eaten-for-hours-NEED-FOOD.
    so there's that.

2 - I've been writing in a "DPO-Diary" (an unpublished blogger post. lol) that I feel "somewhat fatigued"
like last night, when I sat my ass down on the couch as soon as Button was in bed, and didn't move for hours.  and it's most likely because I had spent the entire day doing sidewalk chalk, swinging, riding our power-wheels quad and generally playing outside in between trips to Kmart and the grocery store and H&R Block to sign tax returns that E was working on with them... so yea, a good reason to be tired at the end of a busy Sunday.

3 - I also wrote "somewhat frequent peeing"
very ambiguous, right?
I mean - I peed three times by the time lunch came Friday, and was all - I definitely didn't drink more water than usual! and I usually don't pee once until lunch time!
but there is no getting up MOTN to pee.
(apparently, Button's BFP cycle I didn't really wake up before "usual morning time" to pee until 11DPO.)

((I told you I'm crazy, sitting here comparing each DPO to Button's cycle.))

4 - I went to jump with Button in the kitchen yesterday and upon the first jump, thought "OW my boobs!"
And I'm sure you're all, "silly girl - what woman WOULDN'T feel some pain in their boobs when they jump??"
This girl... because ever since I stopped pumping, the ladies have been riding in a cool A cup. (barely.)
so, add to the list "somewhat sensitive nipps and somewhat sore boobs"

5 - how about a "somewhat" elevated sense of smell?? I noticed (which I don't usually of course) E's rank morning breath all weekend... and it's like the cup of oatmeal (cooled off now) that is currently on my desk is still sending out scent-smoke-signals that make it seem like I'm sitting in a factory in the middle of the cookie-making-shift...

5 - am I not really PMSing like usual? "Usual" being that the full calendar week before AF I'm a total raging bitch (mostly to E - I can't really let it fly at work.  even though I do sometimes... lol)
so - I am somewhat not as bitchy as usual PMS...

really convincing, right?

ADDED after publishing:
  for posterity (and for Next(IfThere'sANext) Cycle so I can look back and say, NOPE not PG symptoms!)
I can't forget to mention frequent pooping.
I'm "usually" (there's that word again) an every-three-or-so-days kinda gal.  How about once a day from Thursday through yesterday... (and slightly constipation-type poop...)
also can't forget to mention - as of this morning I'm noticing the getting winded from things like climbing stairs (which normally don't "Wind" me...)
/end of update.

I tell myself I won't test any earlier than 11DPO, but then I see beta charts like this one and read (and re-read) sites like this for the sensitivity of wondfos (sites say anywhere from 10-25miu) vs FRERs (again, I've seen posts indicate anywhere from 10-25miu) and I'm like, TOTALLY TESTING TOMORROW!! (only 9DPO. lol)

And then I tell myself just wait it out and continue temping - will it stay up?? will it plummet?!

who wouldn't agree, a plummeting temp is a LITTLE bit easier to see than a glaring single line...

And hence the title.  Might as well go balls-to-the-wall-crazy, right?

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  1. Crazy world. I know it all too well after a two years of infertility (one year of which we did not seek out infertility treatments, so I was seriously insane looking into symptoms). I did the whole testing early thing too (which screwed me every time, except with the twins for obvious reasons). Don't feel bad for riding the crazy train. We've all been there!