Monday, February 23, 2015

Mucho Makin'...

Another one of my "regular" (HA if there is such a thing for me...) series, is Makin' Things Monday! (Best alliteration I could come up with for my craftiness... deal with it.)

During the first installation, I showed off Button's "artwork" (a.k.a. the daycare teacher's artwork...)
(I have more artwork I'll have to rotate through as the seasons change - you know, the footprint scarecrows and hearts each have an appropriate season! And the first time he came home with some green paint under one of his toenails I thought, EWW FOOT FUNGUS?!?!)

During the next installation, I got half-way through refurb-ing a shelf that I brought with me from my parents' in Texas (who knows if it was any special shelf or just some junk sitting in their garage they thought they'd get rid of and I wanted it... LOL just ask E how I am with "family heirlooms" - we just rearranged the nursery the other day, and I packed away (an honestly UGLY) little ceramic night light - it's stained and chipped! - but it got packed away because my mom bought in 1982 when my older brother was born!)
Anway - so the shelf is "halfway" because, while it's painted the bright fun colors for the playroom (where Button's "artwork" gallery is located), it apparently doesn't have the right hanging hardware, according to E and so it sits and waits for him to re-fit it with hardware... (I have a feeling I'll end up doing it myself out of impatience this weekend... I AM WOMAN hear me DRILL!)

In the third of the series came my first P!nterest creation - The Birthday Calendar REMINDER!

In the most recent blurb (because really, they'd become little tags at the end of a larger post about travel, or engagement parties attended, or play dates we'd gone to) I continued the P!nterest kick:
 My chargers and my paper tree!

Most recently (ok in the last month or so...) I ambitiously decided to make a hat for Button! (This after mom re-taught me how to crochet during Christmas in Texas (and that after she had first tried to teach me just a few days after Button was born - yea, that brain wadn't absorbing JackShit...))

After a slight rough start (actually, a few rough restarts) I got the hang of it, and then decided the pattern I'd found and was following would be too small.
And so, accidentally created a hat for a grown adult (you're welcome E!)

Version 2.0 of Button's hat came much better (and gave me good practice!)
He loves to wear it doesn't pull it off!

And with that good hat practice, I've begun making these:

My Lent addition (instead of giving something up - although I guess it could be considered giving up my free evenings? lol that's a reach...) is crocheting baby hats - preemie & newborn size - for both our church's donations they're collecting this month, as well as for donations to our local hospitals (hopefully I can find a day during the week to get them delivered...)

I've made the two above (after a false start and loss of one hat - it's horrible, I'm not even going to show you...) and one more not pictured (yellow with green brim strip) and I've got probably 4-5lbs of yarn to make more!
(weird that yarn is measured in lbs - but I mean these suckers... I've gotten three hats out of the blue so far, and barely used half of it!)

How about you?

Making anything (even if it's just dinner!) this Monday?


  1. Umm...I love, love, LOVE this idea!! I am crafty and always making something....this week I wrote a book for my nephew and my other nephew drew the pictures. It was super fun and my little nephew LOVES it! I think I'm going to borrow this idea .... is that ok with you?

    1. the book for (and by!) your nephews is pretty cool!!
      you can DEFINITELY use this idea! =P

  2. Those hats are so stinkin' cute! I love that E got one too :)

  3. WOW!! I adore those hats. I'm still working on a scarf for my daughter.

  4. I'm knitting away on a few little baby sweaters! I did some nicu hat donations over Christmas and it's such a wonderful thing to do!