Thursday, February 19, 2015

update: bullet-point style

  • I didn't test this morning
  • no sign of AF.  At All.
  • still seeing/imaging/making-up symptoms (headache, the nauseous* hunger (*BTW - I STILL can't spell that word, blogger corrects me every time...) the fatigue...
  • officially one of the longest LPs I've had (since tracking / in the last few years of TTC)

Did I O even? I mean - pretty decent fertile signs about 12-13 days ago: highish cervix, some WHOA-that's-STRETCHY! CM/discharge - all this followed by the closing-of-shop: cervix dropped  (in fact, so low - *shudders at what I'm about to type* it was barely even half a knuckle "up there") and shut up tight.
I even kept checking for a few days after to make sure it wasn't a fluke...  

 My Ovulation Chart (in case chart doesn't link)
(oh also - ignore the +OPK... I only put it in to trigger a DPO count... )

 I think I'll be breaking out that FRER tomorrow morning...


  1. And I'll be waiting.... like a stalker... to hear the results. Am I being creepy yet?

  2. Ah! Exciting potentially! I'll be checking back tomorrow to see what you find out!