Thursday, February 26, 2015

Some Fart Talk

Recent musings while chatting with a friend about her single-ness and it's (in my mind) bitter-sweetness:
(oh the agony of wondering if he is The One, and why hasn't he called?! I thought the date went SO WELL! but oh the excitement of seeing him call, and getting a text for the next date! IS HE GONNA KISS ME?! aaaaah!)

So while you've lost the excitement of dating in marriage, there's also the plus side of KNOWING your partner loves you and so you no longer have to be on your "Best Behavior"...

Like, we still don't fart in front of each other, but now we acknowledge that we fart!  Case in point: E was recently telling me how he farted while holding Button, who then pointed towards E's butt, then to his own, and then grunted and squeezed out a fart of his own.
Father+Son bonding time at it's best...

And speaking of farts, here's a little ThatAkwardMoment:
I was in hot yoga last night (score 1 for the BuggyList!), and felt a little one slip out (silently...) but - well, pretty deadly...

And then I realized the best part: in yoga, no one will ever know who really released the stinker!
I mean, I just did the LookAround of "Ew what is that smell?! what crawled up that person's butt and died?"

Also - BuggyList news: I have a dentist appointment next Wednesday to get going on the root canal (x-rays, yay!)
I also have an appointment to get my tattoo!!!! OMG guys I designed the coolest one ever while waiting to discuss with an artist yesterday... I can't wait to show you!

so, I originally booked the tat appointment for this coming Tuesday (CD12 - preO) but during work hours (1pm-4pm) and I'm not sure I can swing that time off given the dentist appt that Wednesday at 3:30...
The only other appointment that could work in the next few weeks is the NEXT Tuesday (which will be CD20 - which could be around 4DPO if I O on my average day, or could be even less daysPO...) and that appointment is 7pm-10pm so I could bring E with me and not have to leave work...

What say you about getting inked at that point in a cycle?!


  1. Ummm, the hubs and I fart in front of one another all the time. It's disgusting really. Keep the magic alive while you can. Also, that's freaking adorable the E and Button shared their first (maybe?) male bonding moment then :)

  2. I'm sure my spouse has blamed more than a few of his farts on our daughter.

  3. my husband farts as a hobby, good thing he works from home! I would say get the tat, the adrenaline and happy endorphins can only help things out, and, if all goes well you have a tattoo to remember 'the day'.

  4. BAAAHAHAHAHA I really do love the topics of your posts. Is it bad that my husband and I have no shame and fart in front of each other all the time too? HAHAHA. Gross, I know.

  5. I laugh so hard whenever my daughter farts. They're definitely not something you would expect from a little lady bottom.

  6. I miss reading the "Everybody Farts" book we read when the kids were younger. Funny and educational! Happy inking whenever the time is right.