Saturday, February 28, 2015

as I suck coffee down...

It's Saturday - I should be doing a million other things, like packing up for the 1.5 hour drive we're making later today to visit friends in their new house (any suggestions for a housewarming gift if we've already sent Omaha Steaks??)

I should be packing up Button's clothes, diapers, toys, PNP, etc...

I would like to be hitting the salon to get my eyebrows waxed (yikes!) and I'd like to be hitting our local thrift store during their winter clearance sale: $0.99 for all adult clothing and $0.49 for kid clothing!!

Instead - I am wrapping up a great February 2015 ICLW! =)

I got to read some great blogs this week, and received great comments from a number of great bloggers - each time I participate in ICLW (however hesitant I was to join at first) I am always glad, come day 7 of commenting, that I did it...

SO - any regular readers that haven't participated in this before, go check out the Great Stirrup Queens and all the fabulousness there: resources, Mel's personal blog, and awesome community link-ups such as ICLW!  March's list opened this morning - go check it out, get your blog on the list, and discover more of a great community!


  1. Yeah I'd best get my butt over there to sign up for the next month's list.

  2. I always love ICLW week... best time to meet new people. <3 xx