Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goalie = Pulled!

so the yummy Lundqvist, goalie-extraordinaire for the NY Rangers - will be sitting out tonight's game... ("Goalie pulled!")

 I mean - poor guy got hit with a slapshot to the THROAT during a game over the weekend!

But atually - I really meant "Goalie=Pulled" in the TTC-sense...

(not that there was a goalie since Button was born - I mean, yea I guess you have to actually have sex to get pregnant (or of course, facilitate someway for sperm to meet egg...)
and so in THAT sense, we'd "pulled the goalie"..... to be blunt, we weren't regularly gettin' in on.
Ok that's a lie - it was regular... once-a-month regular... lol)

but get this - we've "Done It" twice since last Thursday! (HUGE - if you see /\ above once-a-month! /\)

We're officially back on that horse (And I realized, technically TTCAL again...)

I'm starting to feel the flutters of nerves already - omg please be positive - what if it's not?! (SERIOUSLY, can I get any more demanding? wanting to be KTFU on the first cycle?!?!)

Anyways - I'm not temping, not testing on OPKs... just checking CM & CP (which doesn't really give cut-and-dried O dates, but at least gives me a time to know when to HumpItOut or at least settle for BDing EOD (oooooh yes.  those acronyms are back!! see glossary on side! lol)

And speaking of Rangers - E is going to a hockey game tonight with a friend, so I either force myself to stay up (fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 last night for some reason....) and wait for him to get home around midnight so we can BD, or pay attention to the fact that ye olde cervixe is LowFirm&Closed and be ok with hittin' that ass tomorrow night...

(my new challenge - as many euphemisms for, well - to be blunt again: "f*$#cking"...)

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  1. Okay, when I first saw the hockey picture, I thought "seriously, Kate, I thought you meant sex, not sports." And then I read the rest and got really excited. Back on that horse, indeed hahahahaha. So now I'll be stalking your blog for POAS updates!