Friday, January 23, 2015

Protesting the Pacifier!

Not that we're actually protesting the pacifier...

In fact, I was all Anti-Pacifier for a total of 2 minutes once we'd gotten home from the hospital... and then was all, GIVE HIM THE PACIFIER!!!!

But one recommendation the pediatrician had on Wednesday was to start the Great 2015 Pacifier Wean... and I honestly thought that's how it would go - a big headline event of this year, with big wails and protests from Button for his pacifier...

Wednesday evening before bedtime, I visited Button's nursery and removed all pacifiers (we kept 2-3 in the crib, he'd grab one if he stirred during the night).  When we went in to read his bedtime stories, he found one on the floor - I was like, ack! Was able to distract him with teeth-brushing (this he loves! my little future dentist...) and hid that pacifier. 
And down he went - without a peep!

I was anxious to see how the next morning went, if he - once waking and finding no pacifier - would whine and wake us early... Nope - I checked the video monitor and he was babbling away, chatting with his stuffed animals!

So we're two nights into the great pacifier wean (yup, doesn't even need the Caps!) - and it's going AMAZING.  (apparently so too at daycare! day two of naptime sans Paci! for the whole class!!!)

Also apparently at daycare - I learned this morning that Button can say "purple" (sounds more like puh-puh) but still!
I should probably get THEM to make the list of words Button can say! Maybe he is on "the scale!"

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  1. WOOHOO for what is hopefully the easiest pacifier wean ever. I heard weaning from the pacifier is crazy hard, so you have one good little man on your hands! I wonder what else he can say at daycare - maybe he can say more than everyone thinks (and just chats away with his stuffed animals).