Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back to Buggy

I've spent the past few days (at work, when I was supposed to be working!) perusing through old blog entries and discovered two things...

1- I can be pretty funny!

2 - I SUCK SUCK SUCK at follow-through:
hi Tour Tuesdays - sorry you took MONTHS to come to fruition, and then never made it past the first room...
hi Glorified-To-Do-List... sorry that I followed up for one month (with half of the items still not done) and then let you die a quiet death that most well-intended ToDoLists die...

and the biggest, hi BUGGY LIST! You helped me out so much during a hard TTA time post-mmc, and again during a TTC period when every BFN made me fly to uncork a bottle of wine... I abandoned the whole original point of this blog after I was done needing it.  (wow, really existential and heavy all of a sudden huh? lol)

And here we are - CD19(ish) having just O'd on CD17.

Yup.  The TTC acronyms are back... starting next cycle, we're in it.
But only casually.

As casual as you can be shoving fingers up your hoo-ha every day and checking on ye olde cervixe... Yup - I'm going to by-pass the BBT and OPKs for now, and go with checking CP and CM...

I've loosely tracked it the past few months, mostly to nail down when I need to start wearing black underwear and carrying tampons around, and found it to be a pretty reliable method with O coming on average CD17.


TFAS. ****GULP*****

Time for BuggyList reruns:
I am still going to hot yoga every Wednesday night (except I haven't been since before Christmas, what with traveling to Texas and then having a physical for life insurance policies last Wednesday.  Which, derrrrrr - E had tobacco (lip-dip YUCK) the DAY OF and of course nicotine showed up in his test results so now we have to wait a year to re-apply so we don't have to pay "smoker's premiums" which are like, quadruple! C'MON E!)
So I finally made it back to yoga last night, slightly nervous that it would be like my first ever hot yoga class (10 minutes in, sweating like a stuck pig, face shockingly bright red, getting dizzy at every sun salutation...)

NOPE - rocked that bitch.

and speaking of Glorified To-Do Lists and accountability - that whole weight loss goal?
I'd mentally settled on being "X" pounds, about 6 lbs short of my goal...
Without meaning to, I somehow, over the last few months, dropped the final few pounds and then some..
(total of 13 lbs lost from the starting point!)


(and let's just ignore the fact that I still haven't had that root canal I've been needing....)

And boo - how boring, a post with no pictures....
In honor Hank's NY Rangers being HOT HOT HOT - let's get to the Cup boys!!!
And in honor of my boy Brady and his Pats on the road to the Super Bowl:

and totally just because:



  1. "As casual as you can be shoving fingers up your hoo-ha every day" - I am stil laughing my ass off at this. And good for you and hot yoga! I've always wanted to try it (but for obvious reasons, need to hold off). Excited to hear about your TTC journey... FX!!!!

  2. Hello man candy! That'll actually help with the TTC process amirite? Hooray for TFAS, but I am freaking out too. Seems pretty darn insane!!!