Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Not April Fools

No, no - there is no big announcement I saved for today, thinking if I told you yesterday you'd be all, "pshaw - APRIL FOOLS right?!"

In fact, I'm celebrating that it's officially not April Fools.

No more "We're expecting!!!" announcements in news feeds - expecting a big tax return, expecting a new promotion at work - how about expecting a big punch to the throat?!

No more insensitive, and (mostly unintentionally) cruel "jokes."

(of which, actually - I thankfully did not have any in my newsfeed - either that, or I just didn't see them... either way, it was an a-ok April Fool's Day.  Including when my assistant got me by "calling out for the next three days" - during payroll, billing, month-end, quarter-end, and insurance renewal... I called her very colorful names when I got her call-out message... don't worry, I was at home - and thankfully, Ben can't repeat what I say yet!)

Anyways - I was thinking about "The Buggy List" the other day and the transformation it's gone through the past 1.5 years...

And realized something - it is now a glorified To-Do List.

Instead of keeping little itemized post-its on the fridge, I write it here because what - I think writing about dermatologist appointments are good entertainment?! =P

Regardless, I have settled on a mini Buggy List, and a goal for myself of May 1st:
  • schedule dentist appointment (for *ahem* a root canal I was supposed to have done 2 months ago...)
  • call dentist for claim forms to submit to Aflac (because I owe a lot of money to the dentist, and again - it's from months ago)
  • schedule dermatologist appointment (if you'll recall, I had a mole removed - for asthetic purposes initially, but the mole turned out to be irregular and had unclear margins, and so I had to have more removed... so it's about time for an over-all skin check, given my mom's side of the family and their history of skin cancer...)
  • REALLY start training for July Mud-Run (I started a work out (very loosely) based on the Fab-Ab challenge, which I have somewhat altered, amended and added to; elliptical use, and cardio, has been so far intermittent, but I ran yesterday for the first time this spring (is it officially spring yet?!), and it's time to kick it up a notch!)
I think I'll cap it there - I know me, and I want to give myself a chance of actually meeting my goal!

And because you got this far in my boring Glorified To-Do List:
How YOU doin?

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