Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When the phone rings...

So I think I mentioned, I went to the dermatologist over a week ago to have a mole (or two) checked out, and while she said they were "clinically benign," I opted to remove one.  Said mole was biopsied, and the doc said she would call back in a week with the results.

Well, almost a week exactly from the appointment, the phone rings.  (I don't answer numbers I don't know - long story that involves stalkers and debt collectors, both belonging to a person who does NOT reside at my phone number...)
So when I hear the voicemail that the doctor "has [my] biopsy results, and wanted to speak to [me] about them, please call when [I] have a few minutes..." I figured something was most definitely amuck with my mole...

It came back as "slightly irregular under the miscrope" and that "they both decided" (both being.... doctor and her husband? I'm not sure who she consulted on this... lol) that they wanted to go back in and take out more, which now involves stitches... just lovely.

So now this week I have to swing loooong lunches from work for (*gulp*) the first OB appointment (and ultrasound!) Thursday, and the "procedure" at the derm. office on Friday... I've decided, under the guise of still being "not pregnant" at work, to tell said work that both appointments are for the derm - procedure on Thursday, follow-up on Friday.  Clever, eh?

Speaking of ultrasound - E and I are in the process of making plans to go to Canada for New Year's, and when our friends started looking for a commitment for the trip, E says to me:
"obviously things are up in the air for me and u until at least we find things out at the appointment."

Which confuses me... If (god forbid - and maybe I'll say "the worst happens Thursday" still in parantheses, as the universe may not read all these footnotes) we are still going to see my family for a week at Christmas, where we will act all cheerful, and drink glug (and lots of peppermint martinis) so what's a trip to Canada with friends? (Universe, if you DO read the footnotes, please don't let me have just "jinxed" this all...)

Anyways - now a word from our local sponsors:
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  1. You are so sweet! <3 Thank you!
    I hope everything goes ok at the dermatologist. It sounds scary :(

  2. Sending many thoughts for all things!! Can't wait to hear GOOD news from your ultrasound!! Hugs!

  3. Fingers crossed for you on both accounts!

  4. So excited for tomorrow! Look - less than 24 hours now :) :) I will be thinking about you and E and hoping that you have a flawless u/s and that the Canada trip gets on the books!