Friday, December 7, 2012

Season premiere had fab ratings!

Sorry for the suspense (but it makes for a better season premiere!!) and in this case, no news = GOOD NEWS.

We saw a perfect little blueberry, with a hb of 130 at almost EXACTLY 7w.

I'm in love...

Now that you know the ending, let's do one of those "2 hours earlier" backtracks they like to do, because the appointment definitely started on the wrong foot... At reception, they usually have this very formal sign-in sheet that has the time you arrived, your name, if you're getting a sono, the dr you're seeing, etc.  And by usually, I mean they've had it EVERY SINGLE TIME I've gone for the past 5+ years... So excuse me when I was a little confused when I saw STICKERS on the clipboard now that just say patient name... And the twat of a receptionist was all, HELLOOOOO there's a sign-in sheet right there, seeeeee? It says "Pay-shunt Naaaame."

Whatever, this bitch ain't raining on my parade today...  So sono-tech calls my name (the same sono tech as The Appt - and we remember each other, and she smiles all big like, YAY I'm so glad to see her back here and pregnant!) and E and I go back...
She does the whole clean-urine-sample spiel, and I take off to the bathroom with the little sterile-stamped plastic cup - and proceed to bobble it down the hallway, thankully BEFORE I peed into it - and then nearly collapsed in nervous/hysterical gigglesnorts... Of course, I peed on my fingers later because my palsy-hands couldn't hold still from the nerves of finding out in a few short minutes about Blueberry...
So, god bless her, the u/s tech said almost the second she got the dildo-cam in, "Well, THAT looks good!" And my heartbeat calmed from the pounding 180bpm it was... She took all her nifty measurements, and finished up saying, ok so we'll see you next for the NT scan!
I said, waaaaaaait a second - we're going out of town in 2w, most importantly to tell my whole family, and is it possible to have an u/s then as it's post-loss-milestone and would help GADS to ease my PGAL mind?  the sono-tech skirted answering, saying insurance companies (blah blah blah) and I should ask the dr later...

So we got called back again to see Dr (pap and breast exam, yay - I told E he could wait in the waiting room... lol) I got undressed, and am sitting in those awful open-front gowns, and realized right as the doctor came in that my thong was sitting out on top of my clothes!

Hold a hot minute - seriously?! this woman is gonna see my lady-parts under a SPOTLIGHT, with dildo-cam lube still oozing (what, tmi?) and I'm worried about my underwear not being tucked out of sight?!

So long story short (well, not really, it's already a long story - ANYWHO) the doctor understood the second I inquired about another u/s in 2 weeks - she immediately recognized the loss-milestone and said, absolutely not a problem, we'll get you back in before the holidays!

I was so relieved I wanted to hug her - and then remembered, my tits were hanging out of the open-front gown, she'd just shoved two-lubed fingers, well - you know where - and she'd seen my thong hanging out on top of my clothes.... so I settled for a giddy, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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  1. OMG I love your TMI. Yes, keeping your undies tucked neatly away from your Doc seems soooo silly when they're about to feel your boobs and stick their fingers... well yeah.

    Congrats on the awesome u/s! Hopefully time flies until then!!!