Monday, December 10, 2012

derm appt

So Friday's procedure, the mole excision, went well... (After I sat, topless in a paper vest/gown for 20 minutes while they waited to speak to my OB-GYN to get permission, because the doctor did not remember (?!) I was pregnant - when I reminded her she asked me, "Did I know this last time?!" ... facepalm)

Anyways - there was an older nurse, a British lady - who was so absolutely sweet and so British (we even have the same name!) and she was cute talking about "you're probably the same weeks as Princess Kate! How fun!"  And as distractions during the procedure, she asked where I would deliver, and if I had names picked out,  if "any food had put me off yet" and I finally interpreted her Brit-speak to mean, if any I had any food aversions yet...

During the cleanup afterwards (as she mopped up blood and all that fun stuff) I told her I'd had a miscarriage in May, but that we were still going to do big announcements for our families - and surprise, surprise - she's a card-carrying member of the SuperSecret Miscarriage Club too! (complete with D&C) and we were able to talk about miscarriages and how taboo they are, and WHY THE HELL IS THAT?!

It was awesome, I almost started crying - I wanted to hug her, but then remembered I was still topless under that paper-vest...

A side note - the doctor had to cauterize before stitching, because I couldn't have the epinephrine shot (helps prevent bleeding) - and it DOES NOT smell good...
A few stitches later, me and my bra-less self were released to finally go nom everything in sight at Starbucks (their Artisan ham sandwich is just absolutely AMAZING to me right now...)

And then I Slept.  All.  Weekend.

It was awesome.

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  1. I hate the the club we're in is super secret. It's a shitty club yet all the members are fantastic, amazing, and supportive. We need to construct billboards over our houses or all wear t-shirts or something because we NEED one another!