Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nine @ Nine

I can't believe you're nine months old today... While pregnancy felt like it was dragging, with the fearful first trimester (heck - fearful entire time!), these past 9 months have flown by with the blink of an eye...

1. You love scary voices and zombie noises - so the zombie apocalypse should prove wildly entertaining for you...

2. you rock hats like no one's business (and seem to prefer your "old man" look to the "preppy beach bum") (also, you seem to prefer Mommy's shades to the baby specs...)

3. You sleep with your little baby buns in the air (and it's all I can do to not nom on your tush and cheeks!)

4. You absolutely (still) love going on walks in your stroller - your back never even touches the seat as your eyes roam around the neighborhood.  And we've added to our entertainment repertoire - you love your new swing!

5. You're a toe-eater... (just like your Aunt Mac - who we'll be seeing next week on our big vacation!)

6. You have the fluffiest little duck-down hair, which Daddy wants to cut - even though he says you've got Daryl's haircut, which is so bad ass... (speaking of loving zombie noises... lol)

7. For the first time, we had all the NextGeneration cousins together from Daddy's side.  (None of you boys seemed impressed...)

8. You are an Official Crawler, and you're unstoppable - you plow right through the dogs if they have the misfortune of being in your path!

9. You light up when Mommy or Daddy walk in the room, which melts my heart every time... And you're beginning to get a touch of - I guess it's stranger anxiety? When Aunt K babysat you the other day, you wailed and pleaded for Mommy, twisting and reaching over her shoulder to me - while I secretly loved that you wanted me so badly, it broke my heart to leave and go to work...

Your 9-month appointment is tomorrow - we're excited to get your stats and ask about starting cow's milk!

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  1. I love that you make zombie noises and Ben lights up! What a cutie! His first words should be "brains" and you can dress him as a zombie for halloween. How adorable would that be?

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on #9 - I love that my baby loves me so much, but it breaks my heart that he gets so sad when we separate.