Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Remember to RAKE?

So - a quick update on a shaky start to RAKEing...

Last week, I picked up a co-worker who was "stuck" at home during the snow-storm-aftermath (in mah NEW MOM-MOBILE! ((Kia Sorento - blue tooth, AWD, remote start)) it's freaking awesome, and I was all, "WHAT SNOW?!")

Anyways - we stopped at DD and got a dozen donuts, a box of munchkins, and coffee for as many of the managers that I knew their tastes (I considered a BoxOJoe but felt like it was slightly a waste of money - our kitchen here can make pot after pot of free coffee! and we already have all kinds of flavored creamers...)

So I walked into the front office and was greeted by "So which one is my coffee?"

uummm.... I didnt get that guy one... CRAP.  But there's like, 10 managers! I didn't know who all even DRANK coffee!

And DAMN son, way to make my RAKE feel just 2 inches tall.... booooo..

And a quick BuggyList weight-loss update:
I got off to a great start after a few days of working out and not letting myself NOM everything after work, and dropped from XX5 lbs to XX1.5 - 3.5 lbs lost! GO ME!!

And then Superbowl  happened.
As did 3 lbs back on....
 (Get it? SAD PANDA?!)

And then, over the next week, I slowly got it back down to XX1.7 - not bad, but somewhat hard to upkeep.

Just this morning it was back up to XX2.2.  I'm hoping that it's just some muscle I'm putting on, because I've been focusing on some pushups and ab-work, inspired by this lady and her month of Fab-Abs (Fab-ruary?!)

Each time I am lazing on the couch after work thinking, But I don't feel like working out right now...
I just remind myself of the conversation E and I had about the mud-run I'm getting ready for (in June) and the obstacles that he told me of, like the one that is all upper-body strength (holding onto a swinging rope - hence all my pushups and tricep dips and bicep curls)

and "that [he] knows [I] won't be able to do, it's hard - it's ok, you just skip it and go around."


Come June?
 I WILL make that obstacle.

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  1. My RAKE for the day... My coworker's cat just died and she was super upset about it... sore eyes and nose from crying... I did the absolute least I could do which was to buy her a cherry coke (her favorite) to make her sh*tty day a teensy weensy bit better. She said it helped but I hate that it can't completely help with sadness.

    Way to go with the abs and push ups. Those are not my jam. Hehe - keep up the awesome work!