Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Only One Nap Already?!

Some quick updates on things I think I missed in the past few days/weeks -

Freezer/Slow-Cooker Meal #1 was a roaring success! (Except with E's adopted sister, who is in her second attempt at vegetarianism and won't eat chicken...)
But the rest of us enjoyed some yummy Maple Dijon Chicken over pasta with balsamic-soaked zuccini (something E's other adopted sister did NOT like - picky girls...)

And I'm not sure I ever posted about Ben's 6 month stats (mostly for posterity...):
At 16 lbs, Big Ben is riding in the 25th percentile for weight (which is AWESOME when he was around the 5th percentile for the first month or so!) (And when we ran to the doctors for them to listen to his cough two weeks after his 6 month appt, he was up to 16lbs11oz! a relief, as his appetite hadn't been the greatest while he was sick...)
His 27 inches of length puts him in the 75th percentile - My tall lanky boy will make a great hockey player!

And I KNOW, right?! that HAIR?
Check out the faux-hawk he got at Grandma's house last Friday (she babysits once a week for us) when all of his aunts came over to play:

We've been getting a lot a shit-ton* of snow lately, with more expected tonight and this weekend, and Ben loves to slap the glass doors and rest his forehead while gazing out at the back deck:
(We've received over 3 feet of snow this year so far... and this was before we received a dumping of 8" yesterday - more expected tonight!)

His new favorite, and insanely messy, snack is a Banana Mum-mum bar (I also think it's just fun to say, kind of like Wubba-Nubs!)
I have what on my face??

So yesterday during the big snow storm, both E and I worked from home, tag-teaming each other in for Ben (we told our babysitter, who worked at Giant Stadium during the Superbowl Sunday night!, to just stay home with all the snow expected...)

So I was all jazzed when Ben took a 2 hour nap during my turn with him - I was able to get a bunch of work done, and couldn't believe how long he slept (he's the King of 30-Minute naps... sometimes 28 minutes, sometimes 25...)

And then that was it.

HE DIDN'T SLEEP AGAIN until bedtime at 7:30.... which is why this happened during his last bottle:
We had set him up with his bottle while we ate dinner, when E glances over, snorts and says, "Oh my gawd, you have to look at him...."

He didn't crack his eyes once while I removed his bottle, carried him upstairs, and swaddled him in his crib...


  1. I love your blog

  2. So cute! And I can't believe how big he is getting.

  3. I think I'm going to follow in your footsteps with the slow cooker thing. I need to have meals at the ready when I'm not feeling like cooking. otherwise I just keep going out for food and spending too much money!