Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Six Months... marked by 6 Things I don't want to forget:

1. I recently was re-reading my birth story, and all of a sudden remembered that while in the hospital for those blurry three nights that bled into each other, just strips of sun and then night time, and sun and nighttime - there was a show on fx every night around 11pm, 2-3 episodes in a row, that I would watch.  I would doze for just a few minutes at a time all night, with an itty-bitty-baby dozing on my chest, and I would open my eyes to catch Kevin Bacon and Diane Kreuger (I think that's who it was...) solving murders and mysteries... I can't remember the TV show's name...

2. For his first few months, when Ben ate his bottle, he self-soothed while sipping - his little hand would rub his head, just above his ear, in a back and forth motion - back to front, front to back, his little fingers and his blond baby-fuzz-hair.. He only occasionally does it not when he's really tired and having a bottle...

3. When my mom went home after her two-week housekeeper stint when Ben was born, I dropped her off at Newark Airport, walked back to the car, sat in the passenger side and nursed Ben in the short-term lot, wondering if anyone would dare approach me, or stare...

4. Ben can spot his bottle from a mile away.  There is no preparing it on the DL.  Once he sees it, it's target-lock and he will flip upside down to keep it in his sights!

5. The dogs fascinate Ben.  He loves to watch them playfight and giggles when either E or I yell at/or scold them...

6. He is a yogi-in-training! He loves to grab his feet during his diaper changes.  It makes it verrrry hard to get his diaper off, and when we jokingly express frustration, he laughs at us...
There's a reason they call /\ this /\ Happy Baby Pose!


  1. Ben - you're getting so big!!! I love the memories post, it will be so easy to forget these things in the future!

  2. He's so cute! I love that fuzzy head. (Is it weird that I want to rub my cheek on it?)

    1. I do that ALL. THE. TIME! It's so soft on your cheek!!!

    2. It looks like it. G.T. has long hair (his hair never fell out and it grows crazy fast like mine), so when I rub my cheek on his, all I get is static. ;)