Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An unpleasant First...

Well ladies and gentlemen (but mostly ladies - I doubt any guys are out there reading...)

We have our first ear infection...

But you'd never know it from this face:

E and I got home from work yesterday to find some build-up / wax-crud / pus-y* ear-discharge on poor baby boy...

((**BTW - when I first tried to spell out what you would phonetically say outloud as pus-eee - well..."pussy."))

ANYWAYS - so, ear-discharge. 
it was yucky, and IDENTICAL to the googled "ear infection" photos. 
(and would explain why Ben was screaming bloody murder during the night when he was slightly woken for a diaper change, something very uncharacteristic.)

We called the pediatrician - who, god bless 'em - was all, "can you get here in 10 minutes? We'll stay open til you arrive..."

After a quick inspection and a prescription called in, we're on ear-drops AND antibiotics now for 10 days... and you'd think we're shoving bamboo shoots under his fingernails when he gets his ear drops...

Coming up - SEVEN MONTHS OLD?!?

1 comment:

  1. Poor ears... Your doc is amazing for staying open later for you guys! He must know that the alternative is for sleepy parents and a baby in pain.

    Random comment: I love those dark blue (or black?) and green striped socks! I am a sock fan for sure!