Wednesday, February 5, 2014

RAKE it out!

So, Monday evening after that crap-ton of snow we got, I looked out the window while working...
(a little set up - our detached garage is at the back of our house, with our driveway coming alongside the house and making an L shape in front of the garage - all downhill...)

I looked out the window, and noticed headlights on our garage, which meant someone was probably turning around at the top of the driveway, no biggie.

Then I noticed a yellow PLOW.

Our neighbors across the street have a son, who's cousin or coworker or some relation had a truck with a plow.

And they were plowing our driveway for us.

Just because.

Three guys, they plowed (and shoveled) and cleaned off my car (remind me to tell you about why it was outside our garage!) - it was so nice!!!

(And then the truck got stuck trying to back up our driveway - I told you it was bad!)

But - what a random act of kindness!  Without any payment (except the beer we sent them on their way with!) they had done this for us...

I read an article recently about a drive-thru somewhere, can't remember the restaurant, but some long chain of customers kept paying for each others' orders...

There's good and kind people out there!

And so here's a New Year's Resolution... or Buggy List item, or whatever.

At least once a month, I want to commit a random act of kindness. (This morning I was all, "Gonna go through Starbucks drive-thru and pay for the car behind me!" and then I remembered my receptionist picks up coffee for me every morning... does that negate the random act of kindness? lol)

Anyways - I will start tomorrow morning, with the above-mentioned Starbucks gig (because I just lurrrrve me a green-tea-latte!).

And I challenge each of you to commit one random act of kindness.

It can be as easy as holding the door for a few extra people, or as complex as a surprise thank you gift to your postal delivery guy (I mean come ON - have you seen the winter storm forecasts for this coming week?!)

and if you're wondering where the hell RAKE-ing comes into play from the title - I made up a cute little acronym for this little movement I hope to help bolster, but is already in action:
R andom
A cts of
K indness
E verywhere

(awwww, cute right? lol)

Tell me about some of your RAKE's!

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  1. I love that you posted this! I have wanted to do a "pay the person's order behind me" think for a while now... next time I go to Dunkin Donuts (where they have a drive through, mind you) I will pay for the person behind me! I can't wait to see what you do each month!