Friday, February 14, 2014

Tushie Friday...

But first - snow.

snow everywhere.

(Not my house) but these drifts are HUGE... we're running out of spots to put snow, which ain't good - there's a few more inches coming tomorrow morning...

(we made it back from CT Wednesday night - E's uncle, where it took over 3 hours for the viewing, there was so many people there to pay respects... it makes the "WHY" question that much more emphasized...)
But the burial got pushed from Thursday morning to Saturday morning.  I think the family is just ready to finish the process of laying him to rest so they can begin to piece the rest of their lives together...

Anyways - the snow.

This dumbass got behind me this morning, and all the snow he didn't clear from his roof proceeded to slide down onto his windshield while he drove. (Look closely in my rear-view mirror)

Did he stop to clear his windshield? Like any sane, safe human being?

He drove like this for over a mile, with me nervously watching him in my mirror.... And when he got out at a stoplight?
He quickly brushed off another 6" or so, and drove on.


How awesome is baby tush?
 Yes, he's standing unassisted at the ottoman... ACK stop growing so fast!!!

So - here's my Valentine for this year:
Enjoying a day home with Daddy on Thursday
(while Mommy had to trudge through a blizzard to work...)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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