Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tour Tuesdays!

After long weeks of waiting for a "Final Master" shot (i.e. after long weeks where I couldn't find the time to get the bed made - why bother making it when you're getting back into it in a few hours?!) the the first installment is finally ready...

Welcome to a new weekly series - Tour Tuesdays!
You've heard the stories of house renos we've done (new closet! new bathroom! new nursery wall!)
Why not put some pictures to the stories?

The very first view of our house, as we pulled up to tour almost 3 years ago!

And our very first HomeOwners portrait! (December 2011)

Why don't we start at the top (literally!) and work our way down?

So, at the top of the stairs (the nice, recently-carpeted-for-safety stairs!) is our itty-bitty hallway, where I FINALLY got the middle picture framed and hung, just 8 months later!
Off to the right is our master bedroom (see the BEFORE shot below, I did some massive cleaning over the weekend!)
Hola1 Hola2

Once you step into our room, the bed is straight ahead (just wait til you see it all made! so pretty - love my sleigh bed!) with my side on the left (see the built-in dresser E sunk in the wall for me!) and E's side on the right.
Working on sinking the dresser:

Another before shot - in which (I must point out) the bags of clothes I for giveaway, sorted into:
"Plain Old Give Away" (stuff I'd be somewhat embarrassed to claim)
"Stuff for Mom&Sis to peruse"
"Stuff for E's 16-17yo sisters" (the "cool" stuff that is just too itty-bitty for a grown woman... lol)
((There was a whole 'nother huge garbage bag not in camera view!)

Some After shots (in stages - I cleaned dresser and closet before I tackled the rest of the room...
The "Faith" sign on the left wall has been sitting in the corner behind my dresser for MONTHS - a purchase I made randomly in the local thrift-shop one day, and I finally decided - TODAY we're hanging this sucker! Who cares if the shades of green don't PERFECTLY match the paint?!
I also hung the "Sisters" frame - it had been sitting in my guest-bedroom closet for, oh - probably a year or do... (we'll not mention that I hung it with the store picture in it still...)

So these shelves in my dresser were originally intended for "Media" stuff - cable box, VCR DVD player...
But since we do no TVs in the bedroom, I got to use it instead for my fun perfumes and knick-knacks!
So, you can somewhat see in the mirror that directly behind the dresser is my closet (also built by Eric!)
First - how the previous owners had that area of the room (NO CLOSET!)

The closet framed out, and then current-day (how handy is hubby??)
Hola1 Hola2

The poster on the right door is something I made in a yoga/goal workshop I went to with my SIL -  my "2014 Personal Projections"
*Fun fact - the bottom right phrase ("La vie est belle") is a tattoo on my right foot!

Just a teensy portion of my shoe collection... =)

A Master(Bedroom) Transformation!
1. Previous Owners
2. When we first moved in... (camping out!)
Hola1 Hola2

I still want to do some aesthetic changes - mostly some window treatments, instead of just whatever curtains we had laying around.  Given the location of the windows and what they look out on, we don't need a ton of privacy, so I'm thinking leaving the window open and get a nice sash... (there's so much more natural light during the day when the curtains are open!)

 I feel like you can't quite get the proportions of the room from the picture - it looks small to me, but it is decently spacy! (Check out my shoes in the bottom left of this picture for some better perspective of size...)
More "Final" shots from the opposite angle (facing out into the hallway)

And finally - back out in to the hallway where, between the two upstairs bedrooms, is our newly renovated (well, finished last summer!) master bath - coming next Tour Tuesday!

(P.S. While cleaning out the dresser, I found this old C.oach scarf.... I was a little loopy after so much cleaning...)


  1. Love the tour! What a fun way to show off your house :) I might "borrow" this idea sometime myself.

  2. Great pictures! I love the colors you chose for your house. Your master bedroom looks almost exactly like mine, except ours used to be green and now it is blue!

    1. =) This is actually one of the only rooms we DIDN'T paint after moving in - I decided it wasn't a color I would normally have ever considered, but I like being forced a little outside my norm - I think we made it work pretty well!