Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Husband, the comedian...

So I was sharing with E some G.roupons I was finding -
$37 at a fancy Italian restaurant for 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 desserts!
$25 for a portrait session - and two sheets (wallets, etc) - and a CD of 3 images!

he responded "yes" to our next date night, and yes to a family portrait, and then requested that I stop spending all of our money...

(this is all via G.oogle chat)

now, he's a programmer/web developer/mobile app coder - a big computer nerd.

So, a few minutes later he says, "at the top right of groupon is a link that says "Log Out; click that real quick, I just wanna test something."

We'd talked, in the past, about how funny/creepy(stalkerish?) it was when we'd be chatting about, say, going to M.edival T.imes and <SNAP> there was an ad in the side bar for the damn jousting knights!

So I'm thinking, he's got some theory to test, so I [log out] and tell E, "ok now what?"


He says,

Congrats. You're one step closer to saving more money!

and - another Tuesday gone by without the Tour Series started... (tonight! I'll finish the post! especially because E has an indoor hockey league with Game #1 scheduled for tonight at 7:30 - so I'll have the house to myself while Ben sleeps!)

so, here's Wardrobe Wednesdays!
I have a ridiculous amount of clothes, alot of which I very rarely wear.  which is insane, because I just bought more from E.xpress... (see, now I'm putting dots everywhere so the spy-spammers don't spam me with targeted spam!)

Anyways - I fight with my closet every morning, throwing clothes on and ripping them off, leaving the bed and floor strewn with cast-offs:
the jeans that I didn't realize were still dirty
the shirt that I discovered had a stain on it
(I'm noticing a trend here...)

and it's usually the days that I feel I've just thrown something on after exhausting nearly every summer outfit, when I start receiving compliments as early as day-care drop off: "You always have such cute/put-together outfits!"
And continue at work: "I want you to be my personal stylist!" (that from a therapist, and was probably one of the best compliments I've received - cuz it's not just a particular piece of clothing, accessory or outfit - it's all of it that they like!)

So without further ado, here's Wardrobe Wednesday #1
(one of my more tried-and-true outfits, rather than a science experiment of layered tanks, dresses, and cardigans - I'm sure you'll eventually see those!)
*top from - can't remember where, or how much
*pants from asos - can't remember how much 
*shoes from - can't remember where, and the image was the closest representation I could find for my actual shoes
*cardigan from - thrift store, I'm sure...
**all images are approximations of actual clothes... since, obviously I can't quite remember where anything came from...

nice right? I'll try to do better with sources for next Wardrobe Wednesday!


  1. I get that too when I don't do laundry for a while and I pull out a last resort skirt to wear for the day. I think in my case though people have such ridiculously low expectations of my wardrobe choices that the least little something gets them all excited.

  2. I just cleaned out my closet and was left with about 15 tops that I wear regularly. The rest, I haven't worn in forever. Now I just need to fill it back up with good stuff! love your outfit... I <3 colored jeans!