Thursday, June 26, 2014

Physically Sick...

Because what world do we live in where a parent would ever leave their child in a closed car on a warm day for hours, not only accidentally - because that is tragic enough - but possibly INTENTIONALLY?

I am angry, and literally physically ill at this story...

And the beautiful innocent... (above linked article has a photo that will make you cry - don't view at work, like I am - sitting here trying to hide the tears from coworkers and office-mate)

If the homicide theory proves correct, I'm going to strongly suggest they reinstate the whole Salem Witch trials method:  He deserves to burn alive.


  1. UNbelievable! I just cannot wrap my head around people who would physically harm their own children. I really, really hope that he did not do this intentionally. If he did, then I agree with you on the witch trials. But truth be told, if he did this intentionally, there is not enough justice that can be done.

  2. I can't read articles like this. Sometimes I feel like the world is too dark and I honestly get sick over the fact that some people are brought into this world who can be so cruel. I honestly try to limit my exposure to this because my heart just can't take it.