Thursday, June 12, 2014

Drafts and a Daft FIL

Perusing through old draft posts, just seeing what was there.

Oh, like, 15 or so started blog entries...


Including one that I still intend to finish - Tour Tuesdays! (Maybe I'll finally have the first post ready next Tuesday! It's only been waiting two months for a picture of a clean master bedroom... ha)

Anyways - on to the daft FIL...

I can't remember if I enlightened you during the times he was obnoxiously insinuating that we were starving our child during the BFing saga...

He's a real peach...

Telling me that I'm basically doing it wrong...
(and by "It" I mean parenting. Thanks FIL.)

We were over at their house on Sunday (where Ben got his first taste of a real pool!)

And MIL asked if there was anything particular that we wanted/needed for Ben for his birthday, when FIL suggested a PlayPen.  That we "ABSOLUTELY needed a playpen! "
That E was just complaining the other day to them about not being able to get anything done when having to watch Ben.
(To E - really? I'm sorry, you play hockey with the guys for 4 hours on Saturday, then go out for lunch afterwards - and then even go out with the guys later that night - and you bitch that you couldn't get anything done during the hour or so you were watching Ben?!?)

I digress.

So FIL is all, "You're crazy for not having a play pen! You need one! you absolutely need a play pen! We'll get you one for his birthday! You have to have one.  Otherwise, you have to just let him wander all over the house unsupervised, that's dangerous.  You could do that I guess..."



Yea, because I like to just leave him in the other room unsupervised while I sit and sip coffee in the kitchen. Uh-huh.

I haven't had a hot cup of coffee in 8 months, nor a meal eaten in one sitting, from start to finish.
And I'm fine with that.

But FIL - chill.  I don't need a Play Pen.


(P.S. Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday at Ben's daycare... )
And this sharp-dressed kid then stood on his own last night for like, 8 seconds... AAAAAH!!!


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  1. I've considered a playpen for like 2 seconds, but ultimately thought it was a waste of money because Nolan would be mad as all get out if there was something he wanted outside the playpen. I leave him in his crib or PNP for short periods of time when I can't watch him and he screams. I'd rather that he knows he can get to me if he needs me than worry about getting a playpen. Do they even make them anymore? Tell your FIL that you hope he also gets you a receipt... Ugh.