Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ego Boosts and Ironies

So after having to go into work last minute on Sunday until 8pm (BOO BOO BOO.... stupid job) I declared that I was taking Monday off.  And so very unlike my last day off, (being out "sick" with a little head cold - I sat around and watched TV, then picked up Ben early from daycare to play...) I GOT SHIT DONE yesterday.

 I first dropped off Ben at daycare, and then returned home for breakfast (cereal, coffee and blueberry bread).  I called and made appointments for a haircut (OMG I hadn't had one in almost 12 months...), for the dogs to get their vaccinations (um - doggy-parenting fail... Zoey was overdue by like, 9 months...), and for my eye exam (*sigh. once again, my contact Rx had expired months ago and I had been stretching my contacts (Monthlies) to As-Long-As-They-will-Last.)

hm... starting to notice a trend here...

Anyways - so I took off at 9:45 to drop by the bank to get cash before my 10:30 haircut appointment.
Which didn't begin until almost 11... (Waiting Session #1 of yesterday...)
My stylist took off so much dead hair (I kept my length, just cleaned up the ends and razor-thinned it).  I got a comment today at work that I look like I just stepped out of a hair commercial... WINNING!
(And this is where the day started to veer a little off-course when E called and told me Kia had contacted him about a recall on my car (UGH Awesome) on the computer - if it wasn't fixed very soon, I could start randomly stalling out...)
So my proposed remaining schedule went from PostOffice to vet (2:15) back home until eye appt (5pm) to this:

On the way home from the hair salon, I picked up pictures at Walgreens...
Ok, again with the overdue trend: My mom's birthday was this past Sunday, and I had intended to get framed pictures of Ben mailed to her... well, so they got framed and packaged up with some cute cards, and I finally got them to the post office yesterday, after a quick lunch at home (beer, EasyMac and some sun on the back deck!) and then headed out, with dogs in tow.

I had had E make a service appointment for 2pm at Kia, and then I would walk with the dogs to the vet's office - about 1/2 mile away.
After my GPS recommending I make a left turn onto a highway - across a 2-ft high median, might I add, I pulled up to the Kia dealership, only to find out that Service is at a whole 'nother location... So instead of sludging through the heat for 1/2 mile, across a decently busy road with 2 dogs, I was able to drive instead, telling the Kia guys that I would have to reschedule the service appointment.

And here's where the EgoBoost comes in:
I walked into the Kia dealership, hair all very recently cut and styled:
 And the three guys behind the desk literally all stumbled out of their chairs, each speaking over the last, trying to be the one to help me...
I walked out of there all giddy and, to be honest, gave the hair an extra flip... EGO BOOSTED!

So we shlepped into the vet's office, and as I'm sitting there (waiting AGAIN) in walks Irony:
their mail delivery person (and no, I'm not trying to be P.C. here, I just couldn't see around the corner if it was a man or woman...) is afraid of dogs.
 (aren't they just vicious!?)
I wonder if, at the USPS HQ, they were all, Wouldn't this be funny? Pat's afraid of dogs, right? How about s/he gets the route with the VET'S OFFICE?! HAHAHAHA!

The doggies weighed in healthy (16lbs and 12.6 respectively); they got their shots - took 'em like champs (except when Zoey had to have blood taken for heartworm testing... she no likey the big needle in her arm...)
After they got their treats from the Doc, we packed up and headed back home.

It wasn't even 45 minutes of hanging out that I was back out on the road, with an eye appointment on the books - got the weird yellow drops put in, got the numbing drops put in, and then the pupil-dilating stuff...  (and isn't THAT fun - I get it done at every exam, but I still flinch and blink, head straight back while the assistant is attempting to squirt the drops directly into my eyes, meanwhile they start leaking all over my face as soon as I tilt my head back straight...)

And then I had to wait more, to let the pupils get niiiiice and dilated, like THIS:
Check out those saucers!
*Also, I'm pretty sure that you can see in the picture the highlighter-yellow eye drops and where they smeared all over my face... lol

Got my contact Rx nice and updated (R eye the same, L eye got worse - but I'm a "perfect candidate for LASIK based on my tests!")

At this point, it was closing in on 6:30 and I just wanted to go home and see my boys...
so squinting against the bright sun, I made my way home to this:
This is starting to be a typical sight when we get home from work, it could be considered crazy, how far I've already gone with birthday party planning:
Hola1 Hola2
There's photobooth props, a name-banner, pinwheels (DIY), a can of chalkboard paint, cupcake recipes/ideas, and just STUFF.  
There'll be a ring toss game (see striped bottles!) and a balloon-dart-toss!
Hola1 Hola2
(The clown noses came in yesterday. 
They hurt to wear...)

We had just put the last touches on our mapped-out back yard, deck and garage last night when E blurted out, 
"what if it rains?!"

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