Monday, June 23, 2014

Paging All Doctors...

So, oops - I couldn't remember at my final PP OB-GYN visit if I was told to come back for my regular pap in 6- or 12-months... so here we are about 11 months later, and I'm making my appointment...

I just called the practice (there are four physicians) and got their automated phone system greeting me for "Dr. R, Dr. D, Dr. M and Dr. B."


Dr. M was my gyno for the years of birth control and TTA.

and then Dr. R. came in during The Appointment, and gave me my options (or the fact that I didn't really have options, being that my body hadn't recognized what happened three weeks prior...) and performed the D&C.  (And then I saw him all over the practice months later as we wound down near Ben's EDD.)

anyways - and then I saw Dr. D. and Dr. B. throughout my pregnancy with Ben - Dr. D. monitored his stubborn breech-ness, and Dr. B. was the one who made the call for the c-section two days early.

I've run the gamut, and with all four physicians there.

While I didn't absolutely LOVE Dr. R - I actually don't really remember much of him based on the situation, aside from the fact that he looked like Mr. Burns
 - I do feel like I'm in good hands with all my doctors...

And there - I've got my appointment scheduled.

(And it was 6 months PP I was supposed to have gone in.... oops)

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