Friday, May 25, 2012

Day... ?? No end in sight!

Ok, ok - I'll stop with the Space Odyssey lines... but really.  CD 11? 12? Not really sure when to start counting, but I'm still spotting.   Just lovely. 

We are officially TTA* for a cycle or two, but since I didn't have to chart for the past 3 months, I've attempted to get back into the swing of things in preparation.

And for the third morning in a row, I've sat in my kitchen eating breakfast going "SH*T! I forgot to temp AGAIN!"   Scared my dog a little, too... Good thing I've got all this time to "get back into the swing of things..."


I am pretty much a walking love-hate relationship: "Please don't hate me for something I can't control (but that I secretly love about myself)" - but I've always been pretty slim (5'10" and 135lb) despite regularly eating 3-4 slices when it's "lunch-is-crap-let's-order-pizza" at work and keeping up beer-for-beer with the guys during Stanley Cup playoffs(LET'S GO RANGERS! and their yummmmmmmy goalie Lundqvist...)

 I've always had coworkers commenting on my size too, probably because they do see me eat so much at lunch (otherwise they'd just whisper to each other about eating disorders... I've got some really fabulous coworkers, people...)

I guess I just didn't notice the comments stop when I started sporting the baggy shirts & maxi dresses with big cardigans loosely closed around the middle.  (I'm not THAT girl - "why isn't anyone commenting on my fabulous threads today? It took me 45 MINUTES TO PICK THIS OUT!")

ok, the second part's true...

But this morning, a co-worker commented, (as I was shoveling in a double serving of Dunkin Donuts oatmeal - with the dried fruit? sooooo good) "Look at you and your flat stomach... I'm so jealous..."

The spoon froze half-way to my mouth.  I ended up with that constipated look on my face - you know, the really unattractive half smiling / half quivering-lip thing? 
 This was supposed to be the time people started commented on how cute the little bump was, not how flat it still was... I mumbled thanks, and grabbed my oatmeal and coffee and hightailed it to my office. 

I decided then, it's "Times like These" ** to get out that Buggy List and get cracking.  I'm not sure I'll keep a running check list (I hate empty check boxes!) anywhere on the blog, but each post will be either accomplishing an item I've considered on Buggy List and/or adding an item to the Buggy List...

Drumroll for the first accomplishment <*> <*> <*> <*>

(I have no clue what kind of drum roll /\that/\ is, but I actually just pictured the football player from Mr Holland's Opus that couldn't drum.  GREAT mascot lol - I'll have him kicking out a mean drum roll in no time!

#1 - Sushi & FABULOUS cocktails tonight with my bff at a FABULOUS lounge, in some FABULOUS clothes (that WILL take me 45 minutes to pick out...) 
My goal is to try two martinis that I've never had (this is our favorite sushi restaurant and we have been here a number of times, so I've already tested ALOT of the drink menu out... hopefully there's 2 left I haven't had that won't make me dance on the bar or anything - pretty embarassing since this is a nice lounge...)
ok, so I'll probably accomplish this item (martinis at Happy Hour) multiple times even in the next 2 weeks, but it's the first OFFICIAL Buggy List accomplishment!


IT's like Groupon just GETS me, you know?  Conveniently, I just received a Groupon for Hot Yoga/Spin Class.  Guess what I've never done!  Now I just have to decide because the Groupon is for either/or... if anyone's out there, which one do you recommend??

Another reason I'm falling in love with Groupon - I mentioned to E yesterday morning that I wanted to do a dinner cruise in NYC harbor.  (another item for the Buggy List??) 

30 minutes later, he forwarded me a Groupon he'd gotten for NYC dinner cruises: 

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