Monday, January 19, 2015

should have stayed home...

we spent the weekend in Central MA visiting my sister and her family (3 hour drive - made easy by leaving right at Button's bedtime Friday night!)

We all had one last ChristmasGift exchange (seriously, it's silly to spend $$$ to ship gifts to them - this way we have a nice excuse to get together!)

I waxed nostalgic as I drove through the streets where I learned to drive, where I went to highschool, where the "slackers" smoked before heading into school... lol

Button had a blast with his two cousins:

We continued the nostalgia with our original Nintendo!!

We snacked on pickles:

And took full advantage of our two little babysitters to enjoy a beer at the local pub:

All this to say, the drive back yesterday afternoon was not fun... while Button did awesome (again, we timed it for his nap and he took a GREAT one, over 2 hours!) it was pouring down rain the entire drive...

So my knuckles are slightly sore this morning, and I can't tell if the neck/head-ache is from getting sick (yay! dreamt I was eating legos last night, my throat hurts that bad...) or if it's from the tense 3-hour drive...

Of course, these guys helped keep the stress level low by basically opening a butcher shop at the beginning of the second half...

"We're onto Seattle!!!"

(and my "should have stayed home" wasn't helped by finding 95% of the roads blocked off while trying to get to work this morning.... BLUGH)

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  1. Long rides in the car with a baby just suck. We're going to Colorado this summer (8 hours) with Nolan and I'm dreading the drive...