Monday, January 5, 2015

[Texas] We Survived...

I'm alive! I'm here!

And I have a good reason for radio silence!

We survived 9 days in TX with my family for the holidays (I use the term "survived" mostly because of my INSANE SIL who:
... carries around an epi-pen for her 15-m.o. daughter.  Who isn't allergic to anything, but she carries it "Just In Case..."
... scrapes the poop out of her daughter's DISPOSABLE DIAPER into the toilet before throwing it away
... threw out barbs such as, "oh well we try not to give her too many [food] pouches, there's just SO much sugar in those things" after we gave Button one
... scrubbed out my mom's tub (Bathtime Central for both babies while in Texas) after Button's bath for her daughter's hygiene.  (No, Button wasn't covered in shit going into the bath.  Yes, we used soap and baby wash so you'd think the tub would be just fine?)

And that's just scratching the surface.  On top of it all, she speaks (unnaturally) in the highest, softest "Babyiest" voice ever.  Even after her daughter's in bed for the night...

But I'll admit it was kind of fun (yet still awkward enough to make one squirm) to witness E poke and poke at her:
(scene background: BabyGirl developed dry skin and eczema (me thinks because of the fact that my SIL wouldn't put ANY. LOTION. on the poor girl after any of her baths as an infant... no joke).
The skin got so bad recently that BabyGirl developed a staff infection! And so is seeing a dermatologist (dude I didn't start to see my derm until I was almost 30 years old!) and is now using these heavy, fancy expensive creams (again, which SIL only dabbles on little spots as "needed."))
Crazy SIL: We don't really give Babygirl bubble baths - we only use soap every 4 baths.
E: Why don't you give her bubbles? Button loves it!
Crazy SIL: Oh we just don't, she has to have special shampoos and lotions.
E: ..... and why does that mean you can't give her bubbles?
BIL interjects: Oh, the shampoo is like, $20/bottle-expensive...
E: ....soooo why not use just a drop or two? even the smallest amount will make a good amount of bubbles...
Crazy SIL: [squirms and fidgets] WE JUST DON'T DO BUBBLES!

So she didn't really scream that last part, but yea - it was fun to watch E twist and jab at her and her neuroses...

Anyways - outside of surviving, we celebrated Christmas and New Year's there (and sadly, I celebrated E.T. midnight which was 11pm local time, and then went to bed. wahoo)

Ben got a BigBoy haircut (to go with his first day - today - in the Toddler room at daycare, I cried a little bit - They have these little tables and chairs they sit at for snack time.. BAGELS this morning!)
(BTW - if you can't tell, Button LOVES getting haircuts... /sarcasm)

We flew back on New Year's Day (hence why I went to bed "early" the night before!)
 Ben slept on the flight and loved exploring the airports!

After we picked up my car from the long-term lot, we slowly pieced our family back together, picking up this dog there and that dog here from their respective sitters...


Oh and it's MONDAY!
Some things I've made (not-so) recently:
Cheap chargers from Michaels (prob about a buck a piece...)
some good 'ole chalk board paint...
Finished Product: "Tis the Season" written on the red one
    interchangeable once the season is over with "Bon Appetit" on the gold one

And my other Christmas Craft this year:
(Thanks P!nterest, for sucking up all of my free time and money...)


  1. Those crafts are so cute! I wish I had the follow-through for the stuff I pin.

    B looks like he enjoys haircuts just about as much as G. ;)

    1. Oh, and your sister-in-law is totally nuts.

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. YOUR SIL - hiliarous. I almost want to meet her because she sounds crazy. And quite frankly - kind of offensive. She had to scrape the tub? I mean, really? Yikes. That has got to make for an entertaining time. Love the Christmas tree craft!

  3. I'm glad I'm not that neurotic, geeze. Although I don't give Nolan bubble baths because he EATS the bubbles and won't stop. It's guh-ross.